SHORT POUR: Brew Museum Officially Names and Unveils First Collaboration Beer

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Brew Museum Dubs First Beer ‘Interactive Exhibit’

As you may or may not have heard, Pittsburgh will be home to 50,000+ square-foot interactive beer museum in the near future! The crew behind Brew: The Museum of Beer is tracking a 2018 grand opening of a facility that will parallel the efforts of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Only Brew, fittingly, will be dedicated to telling the 10,000+ year story of beer. With Pittsburgh continuing to solidify its craft beer scene, a museum that celebrates the history and evolution of this incredibly diverse beverage should feel right at home in this advancing market.

To continue connecting with the beer community as plans move forward, Brew teamed up with East End Brewing, Hop Farm Brewing, and Southern Tier Brewing to create its first-ever collaboration beer. The Red IPA that was brewed at Hop Farm had a name cloaked in mystery for several weeks as Brew opened up the naming rights to the public, leading to nearly 500 name submissions. Several of those names were discussed at Monday night’s World Premiere Party at East End’s brewery, hosted by Brew Co-Founders Joe McAllister and Matt Sherwin. When it was all said and done, Max Meese’s ‘Interactive Exhibit’ suggestion became the collaboration’s official name.

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“I had told Joe in the past that, as he was spreading the word of Brew at various events, he needed a beer at the table, too,” said Matt Gouwens, Owner and Head Brewer at Hop Farm. “I was happy to team up with Scott (Smith of East End) and David (Harries of Southern Tier) to create this beer for them.”

Carrie Nation

The launch party featured the first taste of Interactive Exhibit for the thirsty crowd, as well as a preview of Brew’s upcoming plans as they enter into their first round of investments. In addition, the infamous Carrie Nation, a radical member of the temperance movement that opposed alcohol before Prohibition, made a surprise appearance. In the early 1900s, Nation was known for taking a hatchet to bars and taverns that served alcohol. Last night, she simply posed for pictures.

The event even received the blessing of Mayor Bill Peduto, who declared in a letter read by Sherwin that April 24th, 2017 would be known as “Brew Museum Collaboration Beer Unveiling Day.”

Interactive Exhibit will be available at select bars throughout Pittsburgh in the upcoming weeks.


Max Meese, winner of Brew’s Name That Beer contest, and Brew Co-Founder Joe McAllister











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