SHORT POUR: Brew Gentlemen Recognized as Best Brewery in PA

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Brew Gentlemen Earns Top Brewery Honors in Pennsylvania

According to the Brewers Association’s Beer Directory, there are currently 305 breweries in the state of Pennsylvania either in planning or currently operating and producing quality beers. Several of them have expanded their reach beyond state borders while others have found ample success within the confines of a small, convivial brewpub/tasting room atmosphere. No one can deny Pennsylvania has hit its stride in regards to craft beer relevance and many of the breweries leading the charge can be found right here in the Western Pennsylvania region.

Recently, Buzzfeed, in collaboration with Yelp, compiled a list of the best breweries from each state in America. According to the article, they used an algorithm that looked at the number of reviews plus the star rating for every brewery (excluding cideries and meaderies) listed on Yelp. And when the dust settled, Pittsburgh’s own Brew Gentlemen Beer Company was at the head of the class.

Brew Gentlemen Landscape

Brew Gentlemen is located in Braddock, PA and, in just under three years of operation, has helped contribute to the revitalization of an area of Pittsburgh previously written off for dead. Their warm, welcoming taproom combined with a stellar lineup of clean, consistent, high-quality beers has brought people back to Braddock in droves, thus opening up opportunities for future growth for Braddock through other businesses. They’ve truly embraced the unofficially named (depending on who you talk to) “Vermont style” of juicy, hazy beers and each offering tapped brings you a new variation on said style. Brew Gentlemen has also mastered farmhouse ales and has even gone so far as to add foeders (pronounced “fooders”), wooden barrels set on end used for primary or long-term fermentation, to their brewing repertoire.

Congratulations to Matt, Asa, Zack, and everyone at Brew Gentlemen for creating an experience that’s earned them this well-deserved honor. Click here to check out the breweries who topped the list for their respective states, including Washington, DC.












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