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As we kicked off 2018, I shared with you some thoughts and reflections on 2017 and laid out a few plans to get this new year rolling in style. If you’d like to take a short trip down memory lane and revisit those thoughts, click here.

Today, I’m happy to report that a few of those changes have officially gone into effect:

First off, the Breaking Brews Weekly Newsletter is ready to go! The first issue will be going out on Friday, February 9th. If you haven’t already done so, please enter your email below and you’ll get the hookup.

Next, if you’ve been a loyal user of the Drink Pittsburgh Mobile App, you’ve probably noticed by now that it is no longer available. As I mentioned on a Facebook Live video on the Breaking Brews Facebook Page last week, I felt I could deliver more value your way by running everything through this site. If you were one of the many users of the app, I thank you and appreciate you using the platform while it existed. But, never fear…Breaking Brews is a mobile-friendly website and all the content found on the app will be found here and then some!

Due to the app’s closing, I have built a new Event Page on Breaking Brews that will list all manner of libations events in Pittsburgh and beyond (please bear with me as I continue to build upon its quantity of event listings). I’ll also be implementing a video feature to this page in the near future. The idea is to connect you to as many happenings as possible throughout the year. If applicable, each event will also contain a link to its Facebook page as well, allowing you to easily connect to full event details, grab tickets (when available), and follow discussions surrounding news and developments of said event.

Finally, Angelica Ross of On Borrowed Wine fame and I have started up a new marketing podcast called Decent Exposure. The first four episodes are live! You can connect to the show here and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Google Play Music.

Oh, and one last thing: We are less than two weeks away from The Dude Imbibes No-Tap Bowling Tournament, presented by the crew behind Pittsburgh Libations Week! Tickets are starting to dwindle down, so get your crew together and grab yours today.














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