SHORT POUR: Auroch’s and Rock Bottom Bring GABF Medals Back to Pittsburgh

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Two More Medals Make It Back to the ‘Burgh from Great American Beer Festival

Every year, breweries from around the world submit their best offerings to a panel of judges at The Great American Beer Festival in hopes of standing out in a diverse lineup of categories up against many of their peers. It’s a friendly competition that also carries with some bragging rights throughout the year. It’s arguably the biggest annual beer event in the country and is recognized worldwide as the quintessential must-attend event for breweries of all sizes and enthusiasts with palates ranging from beginner to expert.

The 2018 installment of the famous event unfolded this past weekend and two breweries from Pittsburgh came home with medals in hand. Competing against 79 total entries, Homestead’s Rock Bottom Brewery captured a silver medal in the Honey Beer category for Honey Comb Cream Ale. And, among 38 entries in the Gluten-Free Beer category, Emsworth’s Auroch’s Brewing also snagged a silver with Auroch’s Blonde Ale.

I’ve been saying this for a while about Rock Bottom: If you keep sleeping on what Meg Evans and her crew are doing down in The Waterfront just because Rock Bottom is a chain, you’re seriously missing out on good beer. Period. They are not bound to a corporate-mandated brewing schedule. They are free to create and innovate and Meg’s been doing that since taking over Head Brewer responsibilities a couple years back. Make it a point to get down to Homestead and see what they’ve got lined up on the taps.

Auroch’s has been revolutionizing gluten-free beer and have been providing a fantastic option for those who can’t enjoy a “regular” beer. They’ve expanded their distribution footprint on a broad scale throughout Pittsburgh and beyond, landing shelves and taps in the enormous Philly beer market. Whether you suffer from gluten deficiencies or not, Auroch’s is brewing some seriously delicious, approachable beers.

Both these medals are well deserved. Congratulations to the brewers at Rock Bottom and Auroch’s!

About the Beers:

Auroch’s Blonde Ale: 4.59% ABV, 13 IBU
Light and citrusy. Tropical notes of melon, banana, papaya, pineapple and lemon. Brewed with millet & quinoa.

Honey Comb Cream Ale: 5.1% ABV, 18 IBU
Honey Comb Cream Ale is a take on a classic. Delicate malt notes pair perfectly with the locally sourced wildflower honey used to bring this beer to life. This beer was inspired after Meg participated in the honey beer with the National Honey Board earlier this year.

Rock Bottom will be hosting a medal-winning celebration party on Wednesday, October 10th and YOU’RE INVITED! Click here to get the lowdown.













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