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The Breaking Brews Podcast is BACK! Season II is ready to bring you the best in beer business talk, education, and commentary with 15 fresh sessions all dropping on Monday, November 25th. The entire season will be available in true Netflix fashion. Binge away, friends!

To get the ball rolling, here is a mashup featuring minute clips from each of the 15 sessions comprising the second season of the podcast. The list of sessions are as follows:

SESSION 31: How Untappd is Negatively Impacting the Beer Industry w/ Keana McMahon of Eleventh Hour Brewing

SESSION 32: The Wonderful World of Hops w/ Brian Tennis of Michigan Hop Alliance

SESSION 33: Is Home Beer Delivery The Next Big Thing? w/ Michelle Arnoni of Beverages2U

SESSION 34: Tackling Trends in the Beer Industry w/ beer professional Katrina Matthews

SESSION 35: How to Use Instagram to Build Your Brand w/ Aaron Williams, Marketing Manager at Monday Night Brewing

SESSION 36: How to Effectively Manage Your Taproom Space w/ Jackie Carlson, co-owner of Natural 20 Brewing

SESSION 37: How Quality Merchandise Can Enhance Your Brand w/ Leslie Tate of Drunk Swag Source

SESSION 38: Why is Education Vital to the Beer Industry? w/ Certified Cicerone David Nilsen

SESSION 39: Beer and Cheese Pairings Exposed w/ Master Cicerone Brian Reed and Anais Saint-Andre Loughran, owner of Chantal’s Cheese Shop

SESSION 40: Twitter Marketing Best Practices w/ Jason Cercone, Founder and Chief Brand Officer of Breaking Brews

SESSION 41: How to Build a Destination Brewery w/ Jim Stutzman of Lazy Horse Brewing and Winery

SESSION 42: Debunking the Myths and Misconceptions of Cask Ale w/ Josh and Stephanie Lepke of The Leaning Cask Brewing Company

SESSION 43: How to Build a Kick-Ass Craft Beer Bar w/ Mike Sukitch and Cassie Cormack of Mike’s Beer Bar

SESSION 44: Has Beer Reached a Saturation Point? w/ David Sheets of Sixty Four West Brewery Consultants

SESSION 45: Beer Industry Uncensored w/ Erik Budrakey of True Brew Magazine

MUSIC CREDIT: Theme music and music clips for the Breaking Brews Podcast – Hellfire by Adam Drake and Tom Jenkins, licensed via www.audionetwork.com


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