PRODUCT REVIEW: Combat Travel Bag

The following is a brief product review for Groovy Groomsmen Gifts. With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for the dudes in your life that you love. Or tolerate, but still want to shower with presents. In the spirit of getting your favorite guy(s) something they’ll actually enjoy and use more than once, has an extensive, diverse selection sure to help you hit a holiday home run this year!

PRODUCT REVIEW: Combat Travel Bag

I realized something today: my daily carry (see photo right) consists of A LOT of stuff.

We live in a world where it’s pretty much impossible to be separated from technology for fear of missing something. Or anything. I, too, suffer from such FOMO…and my typical excursions outside the home office have me consistently in need of my laptop, iPad, tripod, cords, organizer, notepad, hackey sack (my version of a fidget spinner…yes, it’s a necessity. Stop judging.), and the like…at any given time, for any given reason.

As I said…that’s a lot of stuff. And trying to carry it all at once presented quite a challenge. I needed something that not only looked stylish and professional, but provided enough excess space that allowed me to bring my daily companions along for the ride comfortably.

The Combat Travel Bag I scored from Groovy Groomsmen Gifts absolutely was the solution I was seeking. While not exactly a “briefcase,” this bag is just the right size to carry all of the necessities, but not take up too much space amongst the rest of the luggage. Built with pockets inside and out, this bag allows you to compartmentalize as many parts of your life as you see fit.

The Combat Travel Bag is made of a heavyweight canvas that’s tough and rugged while maintaining its sleek and stylish aesthetic. It features a large main front pouch with two snap closures and an adjustable 2″ wide shoulder strap. And, you can personalize your bag with one line of text up to 12 characters.

My favorite feature about this bag is its versatility. As I put pen to paper to express my praises, I’m traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday and all of my work-related go-tos fit nicely into my Combat Bag with plenty of room to spare. That said, I can easily see this bag doubling up as something I’ll use for a quick weekend getaway or a trip to the gym. As the website decrees, “this super satchel strikes the kind of balance that would win awards at a duffel pageant.”

…and while I await the Netflix release of Duffel Pageant so I can binge it all at once, I could not agree more with this spot-on commentary.

The Combat Travel Bag is just one item in a lineup of hundreds of great gifts for the guy or guys in your life. With Small Business Saturday upon us + the hustle of holiday shopping season about to hit full blast, having another outlet that allows you to shop online sans maniacal crowds beating each other over the head for marked-down 500 thread count bed sheets sounds incredibly welcoming to me.

Click here and hop over to Groovy Groomsmen Gifts to see what’s in store for you. Whether it’s for the holiday shopping season, hooking up your wedding party crew, or simply a “man, I’m thinking about you, so here’s a gift” gift, Groovy Groomsmen Gifts has you covered head to toe. 




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