Power Hour Show Notes: Episode 3 – Giveaway, Rants, News, Awards

This is the Breaking Brews Power Hour Podcast – a weekly show dedicated to talking about the hot topics in the libations world. Each episode will take an in-depth look at various aspects that you want to know about. Whether I’m flying solo in the podcast booth or chatting it up with personalities from across the libations scene, you’re guaranteed to walk away with something to think about after each episode. Please feel free to email the show at breakingbrewspgh@gmail.com with ideas for topics you’d like to have covered through the Power Hour. Tell a friend, tell a neighbor, and subscribe to the show on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play Music. Let me know what you think by writing a review, too!



Episode 3 Show Notes


  • Giveaway on the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network Facebook Page until May 31st
  • Overall purpose of The Power Hour
  • Ranting about man suing after drinking too much, then falling off stool and hurting his shoulder
  • Coverage of Maggie’s Farm Rum’s most recent medals and recognition
  • Talk about KingView Mead’s big April of awards
  • Another small preview of Pittsburgh Libations Week



“As we get a fresh start with a brand new podcast, I’d like to see the show slide up the ranks (of the New & Noteworthy Podcasts section of Apple iTunes).”

“Isn’t it the person’s personal responsibility to say they’ve had enough to drink or to ask for a glass of water?”

“I’ve seen bartenders cut off people on many occasions. In most cases, the person is belligerent and obnoxious. They’re speaking in cursive and they’re squinting so damn hard, you can blindfold them with dental floss.”

“This is as ridiculous as the person who sued McDonald’s because their coffee was too hot. What the hell did they expect?”

“Very positive things coming from Maggie’s Farm Rum. Congratulations to Tim Russell for everything he’s been doing. More positive press for Pittsburgh libations.”

“KingView was the only winery that was given awards in the mead, wine, and cider category. That speaks volumes to the skill set that Scott Neeley at KingView has and his business has been open for less than a year.”

“It’s stories like these that make me so excited to be getting Pittsburgh Libations Week underway.”


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