Power Hour Show Notes: Episode 2 – Untappd Culture

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Episode 2 Show Notes


  • Untappd and the culture its created
  • Useful elements of Untappd
  • How Untappd can negate experiences at live events
  • The moment I realized the person and conversation in front of me was more important than the alert I just got on my phone
  • Real-life scenarios that show an over-reliance and overuse of Untappd
  • How you can’t critique a beer after a couple sips and a wrecked palate



“It’s a very crowded world when it comes to beer. But it’s great for us as consumers because we have a lot of great choices to keep ourselves imbibed all the time.”

“Untappd has inadvertently led to some behaviors that rob people of the fun they can be having at certain events.”

“Untappd can be a very anti-social tool.”

“You’re not really enjoying the beer. You’re not really helping your fellow beer drinker by checking in 60-70 beers at an event.”

“It’s more about it’s making sure that our Untappd journal is telling the story versus just being out and enjoying a beer or two and trying something new.”


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