Power Hour Show Notes: Episode 1 – The Wicked Weed Buyout

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Episode 1 Show Notes


  • In the World Premiere of The Breaking Brews Power Hour Podcast, host Jason Cercone dives into AB InBev’s purchase of Wicked Weed.
  • What does this mean for craft beer?
  • Craft breweries across the nation speak out on this merger and many pull out of Wicked Weed’s annual Funkatorium Invitational event.
  • As ABI continues to buy up breweries and affect distribution for small breweries, will taproom experience become more of a central focus?
  • What do you consider ‘success’ in the beer world?
  • Do you still support ABI when it comes to Goose Island’s Bourbon County release?
  • What can we do as beer drinkers to keep the craft movement going forward?
  • Let’s look at large craft breweries who have been able to grow without going down the path of a buyout – Stone, Green Flash, New Belgium, Dogfish Head, Sierra Nevada, etc.
  • The South African Hops issue
  • Do your part! Talk to those you see ordering a Bud Light. See if they’re open-minded enough to try something different.
  • A brief introduction to Pittsburgh Libations Week



“The Internet blowout when the word broke that they sold out was insane. It was like people’s dogs had gotten run over in the street.”

“Selling to big beer instantly changes how people perceive you.”

“I feel like I’m in The Lego Movie and Lord Business is trying to Kragle our beer supply so everything stays the same.”

“In our beer world, what do we consider ‘success?’ Is it standing by the ideals and principles when the idea of opening the brewery first crossed your mind? Or is it getting big enough to actually get on AB InBev’s radar so they would consider putting you under their umbrella?”


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