PODCAST: Session 9 – Beer & Food Pairing 101


In this session of the Breaking Brews Podcast, Jason Cercone welcomes back Master Cicerone Brian Reed for a wide open discussion on beer and food pairings. Brian specializes in this area through the Cicerone Certification Program and helps bars, restaurants, and retail locations expertly pair the right beers with food offerings on their menus.

We kick things off talking about various aspects of food and beer pairing and Brian tells the story of how he discovered how well beer and food work together. Brian goes on to talk about the “C-C-C” philosophy and how it can help you successfully pair the right beers with any food offering on your menu.

Our discussion continues as we talk about how too much of one thing can be bad. EXAMPLE: Pairing a blueberry beer with a blueberry dessert or a smoked beer with smoked BBQ or a pepper beer with a hot dish – while this may seem logical in some cases, it’s actually overkill. This session will tell you why.

As we get ready to wrap up, Jason fires some basic food items that we all know and love at Brian and he shares the best beer pairing for each item. If you love tacos, pizza, hot wings, and cheeseburgers, you’ll want to stick around ’til the end of this session so you do things right with your beer choices going forward.

Beer and food pairings is being considered as a rotating series for the Breaking Brews Podcast. If you dig this show and want to hear more about the subject, reach out and let me know!

For all of our Pittsburgh listeners, Brian is teaching an Off-Flavor Course on Saturday April 6th and a Beer Savvy Boot Camp on Sunday, April 7th at Eleventh Hour Brewing in Lawrenceville! If you’d like to attend, please click the links below to reserve your seat. Tickets are going fast!

Saturday, April 6th: Off-Flavor Course
Sunday, April 7th: Beer Savvy Boot Camp

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To learn more about the Cicerone Certification Program, click here.

MUSIC CREDIT: All music in this session of the podcast is courtesy of purple-planet.com


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