PODCAST: Session 6 – What to Know Before Rebranding Your Business


In Session 6 of the Breaking Brews Podcast, host Jason Cercone is joined by Dennis Hock, Founder of Strange Roots Experimental Ales, and Bert Mooney, Director of Operations at Strange Roots, to discuss the ins and outs of rebranding. In 2017 and stemming into 2018, the Strange Roots brand underwent a complete company rebrand from their original name, Draai Laag Brewing. In this Session, Dennis and Bert share some what it took to execute the rebrand effectively.

Before breaking into rebranding, Jason, Dennis, and Bert discuss the evolution of Draai Laag/Strange Roots, their foundation as a traditional farmhouse brewery utilizing only wild yeast to produce their beers, and how they’ve grown an incredibly loyal fan base by staying true to their original motives and continuing to push boundaries with their wild, sour offerings.

If you are considering initiating a rebrand, you’ll want to listen to this session of the podcast to determine if A) it’s the right move for your company and, if it is B) what areas you’ll need to focus on to execute your rebrand.

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“I wasn’t concerned about a name. As long as the product is the same, that’s what I care about. As long as we continue to do what we do and push the limits of what we see as important, that’s the most important thing.” — Dennis

“Overall, it was a great way for us to branch into new avenues. We’ve had great support from our distribution team. They’ve been nothing but supportive. Locally, our local market has been very good, too.” — Bert

“When you’re first starting out, it’s important to land on a name you’ll be comfortable with and will be happy to build and evolve over time. But sometimes when it comes to rebranding, it may not require a complete change. Maybe just freshen up the logo or design new t-shirts. Sometimes that can help rejuvenate a brand instead of going through a complete rebrand.” — Jason


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