PODCAST: Session 5 – Social Media Tips & Strategies For Any Beer Brand


In Session 5 of the Breaking Brews Podcast, yours truly covers some basic social media tips and strategies that all beer brands of any size can implement immediately. The three networks covered in this session are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There’s not a lot of technical detail shared about these platforms (that will be covered in future episodes of the show with emphasis on one network per show), but some basic principles are discussed and can be utilized if you’re looking to bolster your social media presence. 

My two biggest principles with social media are as follows:

  1. No matter what your posting strategy is, do it consistently.
  2. Social media should be fun. So…have fun!

This episode covers some basics of each network, why a consistent approach will help your brand visibility in the grand scheme, how you can compartmentalize each network to get the most return on your time and money, some trends of social media that will never change and will help your practices as you adhere to them, and much more.

MUSIC CREDIT: All music in this session is courtesy of purple-planet.com


“The Internet has completely shifted. This is a process that started taking place well over a decade ago. The Internet is now social. Period. Sites like Google still have tremendous value. But how often do you see someone go onto Twitter or Facebook to ask for recommendations?” 

“People care about what their friends and their community have to say about where they should go and what they should buy.”

“Using social media consistently can be very difficult. Everyone has their priorities in their business. But I feel the brands that prioritize their social media and building their digital presence can get a leg up on the brands that don’t. They are taking the time to be part of their community from a digital perspective. And doing it consistently will help people better recognize their brand.”

“Establish some sort of strategy and stick to it.”

“If you’ve wondered why such a small percentage of people see your organic content on Facebook, it’s because Facebook has to make the user experience best for everybody. So they’re trying to prioritize content so the user experience is always great.”

“If you’re receiving a comment, you damn well better respond because it’s coming from a person who took the time to consume what you put out there and then comment on it. Even if they are talking shit, respond.”

“If you are a bar, restaurant, or taproom that is serving beer out of dirty glassware, first off, shame on you. Second, you’ve got to be thinking that every beer you pour is going to end up on the Internet. Your beer is going to go public.”


6 Social Media Trends That Will NEVER Change


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