Podcast: Session 36 – How to Effectively Manage Your Taproom Space


No matter how the size of your taproom, managing it effectively can make or break you when it comes to delivering a quality customer experience designed to bring people back for repeat visits. There are several factors to consider – cleanliness, ambiance, ancillary offerings such as board games or TVs, food, friendly staff – plus a lot more that many owners and managers overlook.

In Session 36 of the Breaking Brews Podcast, host Jason Cercone is joined by Jackie Carlson, co-founder of Natural 20 Brewing in Spokane Valley, Washington via Skype to discuss how Jackie has maximized her taproom space to ensure customers are walking away feeling like part of the family. Jackie and her husband are going through a rebrand at their brewery coupled with construction. But through all of the craziness and unpredictability a rebrand can bring, they’ve pressed on and still focus on delivering a quality experience each and every visit.

A major theme at Natural 20 is gaming and guests are invited to partake in a large variety of board games while they enjoy their favorite beers. This is not uncommon at breweries across the country, but Natural 20 takes things to another level and you’ll hear all about it on this podcast. Plus, Jackie shares some insight on Natural 20’s rebrand, how they manage to get beer in select outside accounts to increase the visibility of their product, why it’s important for breweries to distribute to beer destinations that take care of their lines so product remains consistent and well-represented, and much more.

If you’d like to catch up with Natural 20 online and see what they’re all about, the links are below. PLUS, rumor has it Natural 20 has a killer beer cheese and Jackie is willing to share the recipe with you! Stay tuned til the end to hear how you can connect.

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