Podcast: Session 33 – Is Home Delivery the Next Big Thing In Beer?


Home delivery is all the rage. Thanks to Amazon, pretty much anything you can imagine can land on your doorstep in 1-2 days of pressing a button. Grocery stores and major convenience stores have also entered the home delivery realm, giving customers an opportunity to place their orders via the World Wide Web and get everything brought right to the house, no questions asked. Food services and subscription boxes like First Sip Brew Box bring everything to your front porch, too.

In other words, you don’t even need to put on your bathrobe to get everything you need anymore. But…you know…we wish you would.

With seemingly everything now available via delivery, the question must be asked: What about beer? Can I get my favorite beers brought right to the house without having to visit my local bottle shop or distributor?

The answer is yes.

In Session 33 of the Breaking Brews Podcast, host Jason Cercone is joined by Michelle Arnoni, Founder of Beverages2U, a new service that delivers beer to your home for all residents of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Michelle is 4th generation in the beer business and has applied her years of experience to this new venture which is set up to be a groundbreaking platform in the world of home beverage delivery.

While beer delivery can only be utilized within the borders of Pennsylvania (for now), beer enthusiasts nationwide can get their hands on the new beer swag that Michelle is offering through Beverages2U. And, as a special bonus to the loyal listeners of the Breaking Brews Podcast, you can use the promo code BREAKINGBREWS at checkout and save 5% on your order of beer and/or swag!

With home delivery solidifying itself as the most convenient way for consumers to shop, will delivery of beer be something that takes off nationwide? Michelle discusses this, as well as how delivering beer direct to consumers is bringing back a personal touch to the sales process that hasn’t been seen for decades. All this and much more in Session 33 of the Breaking Brews Podcast!

You can catch up with Michelle online at Beverages2U AND her other business, Brewed2Burn Candles. All the links can be found below.

BEVERAGES2U: Website | Facebook | Instagram

BREWED 2 BURN CANDLES: Website | Facebook | Instagram

MUSIC CREDIT: Theme music and music clips for the Breaking Brews Podcast – Hellfire by Adam Drake and Tom Jenkins, licensed via www.audionetwork.com

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