Podcast: Session 29 – How to Get More From Paid Facebook Marketing Campaigns


Sessions 25 and 26 were dedicated to Facebook Marketing – how to get the most from your efforts on an organic and paid front, as well as why it’s important to establish your presence on the world’s most popular and trafficked social media platform. 

Today, the conversation once again returns to the paid aspects of Facebook. Jason Cercone is joined by Jim Mitchell, a digital marketer who has worked with various breweries, bottle shops, and businesses of all shapes and sizes over the past decade+ to assist in establishing digital brand identity, setting up and executing strong Facebook campaigns, and, ultimately, helping brands get the most from their investments in building online visibility. 

Facebook, as well as other platforms like Instagram, are establishing algorithms and criteria that force you to invest money in order to gain traction. Like any other popular medium of its time, it’s not uncommon, nor unethical, for said medium to demand compensation in return for providing reach to hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people in your niche. The good thing about paying Facebook are the analytics and data tied to your campaigns. All give you a clear, concise snapshot of the effectiveness of your ad and help you stay the course or make improvements for your next campaign.

Continuing the initiatives laid out in Session 25 by Kayleigh Lohse of Presidential Brewing and Session 26 by Aaron Williams of Monday Night Brewing, Jason and Jim dive into various aspects of Facebook, including but not limited to: 

  • How to get the most from Facebook and Instagram
  • Why having a dynamic paid and organic strategy will pay dividends in the end
  • How to create engaging content for your campaigns 
  • How do relevancy scores impact your content and overall page engagement?
  • Why using hashtags on Facebook is dead
  • Utilizing user-generated organic content effectively
  • Why it’s important to provide clean glassware to consumers for their photos (you know, because we always talk about that)
  • When is the best time to spend money on Facebook, Instagram, or a combination of the two?
  • Facebook Live and Instagram Live – why people are failing with it and how you can make it work for you
  • Critical points to always consider when constructing an ad campaign

If you’d like to learn more from Jim, email him here.

MUSIC CREDIT: All music heard in today’s session of the Breaking Brews Podcast is courtesy of purple-planet.com.


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