Podcast: Session 27 – IT 101


While it may not be a subject that gets a ton of press, Information Technology, or IT, is the backbone of any business and vital to your day-to-day operations. Think about how frustrating things get when your WiFi connection goes down or your Point of Sale system stops working in the middle of a busy Saturday night. Setting yourself up for success in this area can save you tons of headaches in the long run and help your business run much more smoothly.

On today’s session of the Breaking Brews Podcast, Jason Cercone welcomes Trey Bowden, an IT professional who formerly worked for Dogfish Head for over a decade and now runs his own IT company known as Goodbetterbest Technologies where he helps businesses build a solid back-end infrastructure. Trey brings a wealth of knowledge to the show and puts it all on the table to help ensure you’re doing things right with your IT initiatives. 

Trey also shares stories from his time with Dogfish Head, what ultimately led him to working for the company, getting to participate in collaboration beers with his colleagues, his contributions to Dogfish’s famous Steampunk Treehouse, and why he decided to branch out on his own and found Goodbetterbest Technologies.

This episode breaks down several areas of IT that you should focus on, including:

  • What is IT and why is it so important to your business?
  • When you should begin focusing your attention on IT
  • Some common mistakes that business owners make with IT
  • Why it’s important to involve your staff in your IT direction
  • Best practices for improving your IT infrastructure
  • Why it’s important to have a trusted resource that can point you in the right direction

If you’d like to connect with Trey, you can do so here:

Website | Facebook | Email Trey

MUSIC CREDIT: All music heard on today’s session of the Breaking Brews Podcast is courtesy of purple-planet.com.

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