Podcast: Session 26 – How to Conquer Paid Facebook Advertising Campaigns


In Session 25 of the Breaking Brews Podcast, host Jason Cercone and Kayleigh Lohse, Co-Founder and Social Media Manager at Presidential Brewing in Portage, MI, spoke in length about the importance of a strong, consistent, organic approach to Facebook. The session detailed how frequently you should post, what type of content you should share, tips and strategies for engaging your audience, and much, much more.

In Session 26, the conversation about Facebook marketing continues as Jason is joined on the podcast by Aaron Williams, head of marketing at Monday Night Brewing in Atlanta (do NOT call it Hot-Lanta lest ye be scolded like Jason was in the first 10 seconds of the discussion), to cover the paid side of Facebook and how to get the most from paid ad campaigns on the world’s most popular social network.

More and more, Facebook, as well as other platforms like Instagram, are establishing algorithms and criteria that force you to invest money in order to gain traction. Like any other popular medium of its time, it’s not uncommon, nor unethical, for said medium to demand compensation in return for providing reach to hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people in your niche. The good thing about paying Facebook are the analytics and data tied to your campaigns. All give you a clear, concise snapshot of the effectiveness of your ad and help you stay the course or make improvements for your next campaign.

At Monday Night Brewing, Aaron utilizes paid advertising on Facebook 24/7. Whether it’s brand awareness campaigns designed to increase visibility of the Monday Night name in the three states they distribute beer to, driving traffic to an event, or helping people discover what’s happening in their Atlanta taproom, Aaron has developed a great paid strategy, combined with an organic approach, that allows Monday Night Brewing to leverage Facebook at multiple junctures – all of which help bolster the brand’s visibility throughout the beer community.

On this session of the Breaking Brews Podcast, Aaron and Jason discuss:

  • Combining organic and paid approaches to accomplish significant gains on Facebook
  • When is the right time to begin running paid ad campaigns on Facebook?
  • Should you include Instagram in your paid campaigns?
  • Should you use images, photos, both, or none in your campaigns?
  • The difference between boosted posts and paid ads
  • What is split-testing, or A/B testing?
  • How do you construct an ad campaign on Facebook?
  • How do you track results and, when necessary, make adjustments to your campaigns?
  • The one piece of advice you need to hear before running your first ad

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