Podcast: Session 25 – How to Get Results From Organic Facebook Marketing


Without question, Facebook has revolutionized the way the world communicates. Its platform offers the ability to learn, share, connect, educate, and inform. Billions of people flock to its corner of the web daily and use it for all the aforementioned reasons and then some. 

Through its constant algorithm shifts and appearance changes, the powers that be at Facebook strive to present a user experience that keeps people on their network as much as possible, as well as bring them back later today, tomorrow, the next day, and so on.

It’s working.

With so many people on Facebook, your business needs to be there, too. Period. If a website is the number one necessity a brand needs to showcase its digital presence, a Facebook Page is 1a. Many argue a Facebook Page outranks a website in regards to importance these days. No matter what you believe, it’s impossible to deny how many communicative advantages Facebook delivers.

In today’s session of the Breaking Brews Podcast, host Jason Cercone and Kayleigh Lohse, Co-Founder and Social Media Manager of Presidential Brewing Company in Portage, Michigan, connect via Skype to share tips and strategies on how brands can get the most from the organic side of Facebook marketing. Organic posting consists of the content shared on Facebook that has no money behind it (i.e. Boosted Posts and Paid Ad Campaigns). 

More and more, Facebook is becoming a “pay-to-play” platform. That said, it’s still important to implement an organic strategy that helps you communicate with customers, as well as share information your followers want to see.

Before leaping into the Facebook pool, Kayleigh shares the story of Presidential Brewing and how it came to be. Within this story was the birth of their Facebook page, an early maneuver that found them with over 1,000 followers before they even started construction on their brewery. It allowed them to communicate with their fans through the process of finding a building right up to the pouring of their first beer.

Kayleigh and Jason discuss many of the important factors of a successful organic Facebook initiative, including: 

  • Why is an organic Facebook strategy important?
  • How frequently should you post?
  • What are key factors to focus on when posting?
  • How do you gauge success with organic posts?
  • When should you boost a post (invest money into a post so more people see it)? 
  • What are the three most important words to consider when building your Facebook presence?
  • How should you get started with building your page, following, etc? 

Kayleigh and Jason also touch on the point of “creating pause,” or “stopping the scroll.” With so much content filling the pipes of our news feeds, it’s easy to fall into the trap of mindless scrolling – not fully absorbing the content in front of you. But, when something grabs your attention, be it a captivating image or interesting video, it stops your scrolling in its tracks. When you can force this action to happen, you know you’re sharing content people want to see.

To connect with Presidential Brewing, check out their:

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