Podcast: Session 24 – Bringing Diversity to the Beer Industry and Beyond


We’ve made some tremendous steps forward in our world. And, at the same time, there are still areas where we fall short. Unfortunately, we still live in a society where racism, sexism, and other epidemics plague our day to day lives and real humans battle through this hate in search of a more peaceful existence.

Without question, the beer industry is a world that has seen a true lack of diversity as the popularity of this adult beverage, and culture, has boomed. Primarily, the beer industry consists of white males in the roles of sales, ownership, and production.

But as time has gone on, women have joined the beer industry and made a tremendous impact on the growth and evolution and beer. Likewise, minorities have also become part of the revolution, forever proving the beer industry does not need to be dominated by one sex or one race to be relevant.

In Pittsburgh, Mike Potter of Black Brew Culture – an online magazine covering diversity in the beer industry – Day Bracey, and Ed Bailey – comedians and co-hosts of the Drinking Partners Podcast – joined forces to celebrate diversity and bring a “fresh” perspective to the industry with the inaugural Fresh Fest Beer Fest in August of 2018. The event struck a chord not only with beer industry professionals, but enthusiasts, media, and other minority-owned businesses as well – making it a wild success that had everyone anticipating what this trio would bring together next.

In August of 2019, Fresh Fest is back for Round 2 and Day and Mike took some time out of their busy schedule to rap about this year’s event on the Breaking Brews Podcast. In this episode, we learn about Day and Mike’s journey through the craft beer landscape, how they, along with Ed, came up with Fresh Fest, and what they say to the person who calls Fresh Fest a “racist beer fest.”

In addition, Day, Mike, and Jason talk about existing oppression in today’s society. The trio’s vision for Fresh Fest was to combat those stigmas as much as possible, all while delivering an immersive experience that brings businesses from all walks of life together to celebrate the camaraderie the beer industry inspires.

You can learn more about Fresh Fest, connect with social media platforms, and secure your tickets to what promises to be one of the best events of the year at freshfestbeerfest.com.

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