Podcast: Session 21 – Making the Leap From Homebrewing to Pro Brewing


October 14th is the anniversary of the day that homebrewing beer without federal taxation was made possible in the United States, thanks to President Jimmy Carter, in 1978. The law officially became effective in 1979. Homebrewing had been banned when Prohibition began in 1920, but—shockingly—homebrewing surged past its pre-Prohibition popularity. The ingredients were easy to come by, and it wasn’t as dangerous to produce as liquor. However, many states, counties, and even cities have passed their own laws. — Info courtesy of beerandbrewing.com

Since then, thousands upon thousands of men and women have entered into the world of homebrewing. Some practice homebrewing as a hobby while others aspire to learn the skills of the trade and take their talents to the professional level. Many brewers currently producing beer on a commercial scale got their start making their first batches in their kitchens and garages. Homebrewing has helped open up a diverse, dynamic, innovative platform and, ultimately, helps shape the beer world forever more.

In Session 21 of the Breaking Brews Podcast, I am once again joined by Zack Morrow of Noble Stein Brewing Company in Indiana, PA. Zack was featured in Session 1 of the show and you can jump back in the archives to hear his advice on some do’s and dont’s you should know before opening a brewery. Today, Zack talks about what it takes to scale up from homebrewing to pro brewing.

Zack tells the story of how he and his friends gathered to make their first batch of beer in his college apartment and how it sparked a passion for brewing. He also shares the experience of having bottles of conditioning beer explode in his closet, forcing him to wash his wardrobe before going back to work.

From there, Zack shares his experience scaling up to commercial brewing equipment when Noble Stein opened its doors in 2016. What were some of the challenges he faced? Are the skills obtained at the homebrew level applicable to commercial brewing? Did he carry over any recipes from his homebrewing portfolio to the Noble Stein lineup? All this and more will be tackled throughout this interview.

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