Podcast: Session 20 – The Importance of External and Influencer Marketing For Beer Brands


In today’s noisy online environment, it’s important for breweries to create multiple avenues and channels through which consumers can discover their brand. A strong social media presence is a tremendous first step and imperative for all breweries to have.

But outside of what they do through their own networks are the external forces that help elevate the beer scene. Blogs, websites, podcasts, video series, newspapers, influencer accounts…there are a plethora of viable platforms that have woven themselves into the tapestry of the craft beer industry and breweries who join forces with these entities open up additional channels for their brands to flourish.

In this session of the Breaking Brews Podcast, Jason Cercone is joined by Russ Krause, Co-Founder of PA Brew Review. This website keeps tabs on the 300+ and counting breweries across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by showcasing daily events and giving users an opportunity to not only see ratings from consumers who have visited these destinations, but provide ratings of their own. The PA Brew Review website is a useful resource for beer drinkers within the borders of Pennsylvania, as well as for those who may be visiting the Commonwealth. It brings info about PA’s thriving beer scene to one easy-to-access online location.

Jason and Russ discuss the importance of external marketing strategies for breweries and explain why they help cultivate the craft beer industry. With so many breweries on the scene, not to mention bars and restaurants doing a fantastic job featuring craft beer in their rotations, providing additional avenues for consumers to find you only helps in getting them to your front door to patronize your taproom.

The overarching theme in this conversation was the importance of breweries creating an experience for their consumers – a subject that’s come up on past episodes of the show. As little as 10 years ago, a “brewery experience” consisted of an open garage door behind a production space that maybe had 3-4 beers you could try. Now, taprooms feature a wide variety of options + food prepared in-house or served via food truck, live music, special events, and much more. The game has changed…and delivering a complete experience for consumers all but guarantees they’ll file you under the “must visit again” breweries in their personal Rolodex.

Jason and Russ also tap into the subject of influencer marketing. Can it help breweries thrive? Will influencers continue to play a critical role in the world of craft beer? This is a topic that will be covered in more detail on the podcast in the future, but today’s session features some influencer chatter to get the engine revved.

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