Podcast: Session 17 – How to Enhance Customer Experience


With new breweries opening seemingly every day, the number of destinations consumers have to choose from when looking to enjoy a high quality beer is abundant. Combine this with the number of other activities looking to capture entertainment dollars and you may find yourself looking for new ideas that will help you stand out and keep patrons flowing through your doors.

One of the best ways to ensure you built loyalty in today’s competitive, crowded marketplace is by delivering an experience that truly resonates with your guests. An experience that makes them feel welcome, makes them happy they decided to visit, makes them feel a ‘WOW’ factor that leads them to tell everyone they know about you, and ensures they’ll be back to frequent your establishment again in the future.

In today’s session of the Breaking Brews Podcast, Jason Cercone is joined by Andrew Coplon, Co-Founder of Secret Hopper. Based in Virginia, Secret Hopper is a service created by Andrew and his wife that sends mystery shoppers into brewery taprooms to evaluate a thorough, diverse list of criteria. Their findings help brewery management and ownership evaluate their staff, pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, and discover areas where they can generate more revenue for their business.

Throughout the show, you’ll hear how Secret Hopper has helped breweries across the United States take positive strides towards cultivating a better customer experience. Data the secret hoppers collect can aid in developing and implementing new strategies for keeping customers, staff, management, and ownership happy. Win-win for all!

This information is powerful for an established brewery looking to take their experience to new levels as well as for a brand new brewery who has yet to open their doors and wants to start off on the right foot.

Loyalty is a different animal in today’s business world. With options galore, consumers will naturally frequent all sorts of establishments in search of a memorable experience. Deliver that memorable experience and chances are excellent they’ll be back in the future. But deliver a bad experience and the likelihood of these customers returning is extremely low. It’s easy to write you off when there’s another brewery just down the street ready to serve their needs.

Andrew shares strategies he’s helped his client base utilize, including the power of a server introducing themselves by name to their customers to how much additional revenue can be generated when a server asks their guests “Would you like to take a growler, 4-pack, or t-shirt home with you?”

There are many ways to cultivate a tremendous customer experience. And today, we’re going to begin exploring some of those directives on the Breaking Brews Podcast.

If you are interested in learning more about Secret Hopper or joining forces with Andrew to build on the experiences unfolding in your taproom, here’s where you can connect:

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