Podcast: Session 15 – Email Newsletter Strategies, Facebook Events, & Beer Marketing


As has become the routine on the Breaking Brews Podcast, we aim to deliver content that can help in all aspects of beer marketing. From social media to email marketing to event management to everything in between, the goal of each session is to provide some tips, strategies, and knowledge you can implement into your own practices – no matter where you’re listening to this podcast from. 

In today’s session, host Jason Cercone is joined by Bailey Allegretti, Marketing Manager for Grist House Craft Brewery in Pittsburgh, PA. Bailey has been working with the brewery in this position for over a year as of the release of this podcast and has helped implement several strategies and initiatives that have helped solidify Grist House as one of the most popular breweries in the Steel City. 

Bailey shares some background about her experience in the beer industry, starting off with obtaining some well-rounded experience in organization, social media, and brewing in her role at Copper Kettle Brewing Company, an on-premise brewing facility that once functioned in Pittsburgh that allowed individuals to schedule appointments to make their own small batches of beer, then package and take home their finished liquid upon completion. After a brief stint outside the beer world, Bailey knew she wanted to be in the industry and the role she earned at Grist House helped her do just that. 

Since taking over the role of Marketing Manager, Bailey has helped streamline Grist House’s online approach and has added consistency to all initiatives. She has utilized each network to communicate with the thirsty beer community in Pittsburgh and also shares relevant content about the brand, including their expansion project that will see the brewery renovate and move their beer production to a former Nike missile control center in Collier Township in the near future. 

Bailey and Jason discuss many facets of beer marketing throughout this session, including: 

  • Ways to build an effective newsletter that people will want to read 
  • The power of Facebook’s event management platform and how a well-managed event entry can not only lead to a successful event, but help your brand visibility overall
  • The importance of appealing aesthetics in can art
  • Why clean glassware is important (yes, this topic came up again)
  • Things to do and things not to do with your social media accounts
  • Other areas where you can effectively build your brand presence besides the popular social media networks

If you’d like to check out Bailey’s work via the Grist House digital presence, the links to do just that are right here:

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

MUSIC CREDIT: All music in today’s session of the Breaking Brews Podcast is courtesy of purple-planet.com


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