Podcast: Session 14 – The Making of the Sheetz vs. Wawa Documentary


Depending on where you live or where you’ve traveled in the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, you’ve undoubtedly stumbled upon two stores that have completely changed the way we look at gas stations: Sheetz or Wawa. On the eastern side of the state, Wawa has a strong presence. On the west side…it’s Sheetz. And loyalists to one brand or the other have incredibly loyal allegiances to their store of choice.


With Philadelphia on the east side and Pittsburgh on the west, rivalries from one side of the turnpike to the other abound. Who has the better beer scene? Who has the better hockey team? Do you prefer a cheese steak or a Primanti’s? What convenience store is better: Sheetz or Wawa?

These questions may be tough to pin a definitive answer on, but that’s not stopping Matthew Fridg as he attempts to discover which is better…Sheetz…or Wawa. And today, he joins host Jason Cercone via Skype on the Breaking Brews Podcast to discuss his project.

Matthew worked on Neat: The Story of Bourbon documentary that released in 2018. You can check out this film on Hulu if you’re a subscriber or, if you’re a fan of bourbon and want this great film documenting the history of bourbon as well as some of the great stories that have come from this liquid in your personal movie collection, click here.

You can also screen Neat through Amazon Prime.

Today, Matthew’s focus is on Sheetz vs. Wawa and, in this session, you’ll learn what inspired the project, what Matthew has discovered in putting the film together, and how this rivalry has truly woven itself into the fabric that makes up the Commonwealth of PA.

Matthew and Jason discuss how Sheetz and Wawa have revolutionized the basic “gas station” concept and taken things to an elevated level. Convenience stores throughout the country have looked at this model and have done everything they can to mirror these approaches in order to deliver the best, most streamlined customer experience when customers visit these stores.

With law changes going into effect in PA over the past decade, stores like Sheetz and Wawa, as well as other grocery stores and convenience stores, have gotten in the adult beverage game. Sheetz installed “Soda Caves” when new stores were built and these caves were easily able to transition to Beer Caves when new laws were rolled out. Wawa did a collaboration beer with Aston, PA’s 2SP Brewing in 2018, a coffee stout whose popularity saw people lined up around the building to obtain. Matthew and Jason discuss these phenomenons and speculate how both Sheetz and Wawa will continue to play a role in the beer and wine game throughout PA.

Matthew is currently raising funds via Kickstarter for the film. Please visit sheetzvswawa.com/kickstarter and check out the perks available to you when you help support the making of the film. You can also learn more about the project and check out the short promo video at the top of the page.

The Kickstarter is set to end on May 6th, 2019, so don’t delay!

MUSIC CREDIT: All music heard in today’s session of the Breaking Brews Podcast is courtesy of purple-planet.com.


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