Podcast: Session 13 – The Making of the Poured In Pennsylvania Documentary


As of the release of the 13th session of the podcast, Pennsylvania produces more beer annually than any other state in the country and is home to 350+ breweries and counting. It’s a state that’s seen tremendous growth and evolution regarding the liquid we love, with innovation being at an all-time high and breweries from across the country looking to break into successful PA markets by making their wares available to thirsty citizens throughout the Commonwealth.

In this installment of the show, host Jason Cercone is joined by Nate Kresge, Owner & Co-Founder of GK Visual in Harrisburg, PA. Nate and his crew produced the documentary known as Poured In Pennsylvania, an up close and personal look at PA’s longstanding history with beer. Poured In PA features interviews with 50 breweries and tells the story of America’s oldest brewery (Yuengling) to homebrewers on the cusp of breaking into this thriving, growing industry.

Nate shares what GK Visual does outside of the beer world and how all of his company’s work helped inspire the creation of Poured In PA. We get to hear about how a small YouTube video about breweries in Harrisburg created by Nate and his crew not only got pirated, but managed to find its way into bars in Hawaii and beyond. This, plus the GK Visual team’s love of beer made Poured In PA a passion project that took them on a statewide journey to discover great liquid and the men and women who work daily to bring it to life.

Nate and Jason also share their best Yuengling stories and reminisce about how those historic beers serve as treasure to the beer drinkers who don’t regularly have them at their disposal. They also talk about where the beer industry is headed, what sort of projects Nate and his crew plan to tackle next, and small documentaries he and his team are doing just for fun at GK Visual.

Most importantly, Nate shares two very big pieces of news about Poured In PA:

1) You can now watch the documentary on Amazon Prime Video
2) Poured In PA will become a series in the upcoming months

If you are a Prime member, Poured In PA is now available for you to screen. Go check it out!

Catch up with Poured In PA online:

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MUSIC CREDIT: All music in today’s show is courtesy of purple-planet.com.


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