Podcast: Session 11 – Starting a Brewery In a Small Community


In Session 11 of the Breaking Brews Podcast, Jason Cercone is joined by Jaye Beattie, Co-Founder and Vice President of Four Mile Brewing in Olean, New York. Four Mile opened its doors in 2015 and is the first brewery to produce beer in Olean since the end of Prohibition. Jaye shares his expertise on opening a brewery in a smaller community where craft beer was not a large commodity and how their business helped add to the revitalization efforts of Olean from day one.

America has many small towns where breweries have set up shop where most businesses would avoid like the plague. Once established, these breweries helped breathe new life into the community, bringing people back and, thusly, bringing additional businesses to the area and making operations successful for everyone. Jaye and his partners started as homebrewers and saw a genuine opportunity to start a viable business in the Olean community. They hit the ground running and never looked back.

Jaye shares his background in the beer world, starting as a bartender at Olean’s Breadstick Cafe and also homebrewing on Four Mile Road with his fellow co-founders. Jaye helped bring craft beer to the taps at his bar and his passion for quality beer made taking the leap to opening Olean’s first post-Prohibition brewery that much more natural.

One element Jaye elaborates on is the importance of community involvement. If you are in the same boat as Jaye and his partners and are looking to open a brewery in a small town, it’s imperative to be active in your community, source local materials and ingredients, and collaborate with other businesses whenever possible.

Another aspect Jaye takes pride in his how Four Mile helped educate customers and broaden their horizons when it came to craft beer. Many of the first visitors to the brewery weren’t quite sure what an IPA was. But, thanks to solid liquid + a commitment to helping customers advance their palates, the crew at Four Mile got their patrons hooked on high-quality, great tasting beer!

Four Mile Brewing has become a staple of the Olean community and beyond. Located only an hour from Buffalo, they’re part of the growing, evolving scene unfolding throughout the Buffalo region.

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