PODCAST: Session 1 – Do’s & Dont’s to Know When Starting a Brewery


It’s the world premiere of the Breaking Brews Podcast! This show is focused on the business side of the craft beer industry. Each session will bring you scenarios, experiences, and banter from industry professionals that will help you improve upon your day-to-day practices. Or, if you’re a beer enthusiast, you’ll gain a better understanding of the subject at hand to build upon your appreciation for the thriving landscape of beer.

To kick things off, host Jason Cercone sat down with Zack Morrow, co-owner and head brewer at Noble Stein Brewing Company in Indiana, PA. Noble Stein has been going strong for 2+ years and Zack took some time to share some of the tips and strategies he and his partners practiced when getting their brewery off the ground.

We start the show hearing about Zack’s background and discovery of craft beer. From there, we delve into how the idea of Noble Stein Brewing came about and how Zack and crew brought things to life, including discussion on picking a location, managing start-up capital, gaining community acceptance, and adjusting to commercial equipment. We round out the session with Zack covering some of his top Do’s and Dont’s that you should consider if you’re thinking of starting your own brewery.

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“The timeline was not so linear in terms of what was accomplished and when. It wasn’t just a simple checklist. So in terms of opening a brewery, I’d be remiss to not mention that, while you should still have your lists and sub-lists, it’s not always going to flow in the timeline that you expect.” — Zack

“It’s very rare to find a brewery that set a timeline and hit it 100% accurately. I’m not sure if I’ve ever had that conversation with someone who has opened a brewery.” — Jason

“A lot of our compatriots in this industry…we’ll convene and we’ll congratulate them on opening. And one of the first questions after that is ‘How long were you delayed?'” — Zack

“It’s the breadth of coverage you need. Not only do you need to have the ability to produce good beer. You also have to have an understanding of the business side of your brewery. You have to understand marketing your product, your sales channels, and it’s a mistake to go into things without understanding the math behind the entire project.” — Zack

“More and more participants in the market means you have to be cognizant and dialed in to your operations from a financial perspective. And that’s not even talking about the quality of your liquid, which is paramount. Have proper expectations of what will go in to running your business.” — Zack

“It’s not about drunkeness anymore. It’s about sharing a quality product with people and showing your passion through the liquid you produce. More communities are beginning to see that that is the mission here.” — Jason

“No matter what you think your cost is going to be to get started, add 30-40% to it. Because you’re going to come across a ton of different things that you were not expecting.” — Jason



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