[PODCAST] Over a Couple of Beers: Episode 7 – Hair of the Dog

Jason and Jason are back behind the mics, talking some beer, football, basketball, wrestling, and more! Admittedly, we aren’t in tip-top form as we are on vacation with friends for an annual March Madness gathering. The beers and the Cards Against Humanity have been flowing in a big way!

I brought this up to lead off the podcast and will follow through on posting this link the PCBN Facebook and Twitter pages, but I wanted to put it in front of you here as well. As you probably have heard, the big fire that ravaged Titusville this past week affected our friends at Blue Canoe Brewery. There is significant damage and they will be looking to rebuild. You can contribute to helping with the repairs.

Here is the link to the Blue Canoe Brewery’s GoFundMe page: www.gofundme.com/bluecanoebrewery

Anything you can contribute to the cause will be most appreciated.

Enjoy the show!


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