[PODCAST] Over a Couple of Beers: Episode 5 – Eleanor Robertson: Australian For Suck

Most of the time, I like to lean more towards the positive side of things. I like to keep things in perspective and learn from every experience that comes my way.

Then, someone like Eleanor Robertson comes along and makes me completely lose my shit. As you’ll learn in Episode 5 of Over a Couple of Beers, it’s not because she likes cheap beer. It’s because she thinks the whole craft beer revolution should cease to exist simply because it inconveniences her.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time spelling out her nonsense in words…simply because we did enough of that on this week’s episode. However, before you listen, if you haven’t had an opportunity to read her swill-laden crapfest entitled “Give me cheap beer, or give me sobriety. Just stop this craft beer ‘revolution,'” take a couple minutes to get angry at her ignorance. Then, tune in for what turned out to be a pretty fun show.

Also discussed was my trip to DC for the world premiere of Blood, Sweat, and Beer featuring Pittsburgh’s own The Brew Gentlemen!

Plug in those ear buds, pour yourself a well-deserved pint, and enjoy this week’s episode!


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