[PODCAST] Over a Couple of Beers: Episode 21 – Fantasy Football Spectacular-ish

When the end of August rolls around, two things you can count on are pumpkin beers popping up everywhere the eye can see and the anticipation of another football season reaching epic heights.

At the tender age of 35, I am entering my 20th season of participating in fantasy football. That’s right, I drafted my first fantasy team before I drove my first car. And this was back in the early 90’s when Internet leagues didn’t exist. I took over a team in my Dad’s fantasy league that had been going strong since 1982 and is still rolling as one of the longest running active leagues on the East Coast!

Like anyone who’s played fantasy football, I’ve got my fair share of stories of triumph and more graphic stories of defeat. And somehow, the stories of defeat linger much more vivid and can be told as if they just happened yesterday.

But alas, it’s the challenge of trying to capture fantasy football glory that brings us back for another season, correct? And that season is upon us. In this episode of Over a Couple of Beers, Jason and I take some time to discuss results from our first two fantasy drafts of the season, player parity, total lack of tight ends, division winner predictions, early-season injuries, and more! We managed to sneak some beer talk in there, too.

Your 2015 NFL Fantasy Football primer is live! Go take a listen…and be ready to dominate your drafts (don’t hold me to that).









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