[PODCAST] Over a Couple of Beers: Episode 10 – Blood, Sweat, and Brew Gentlemen

Tonight’s episode of Over a Couple of Beers breaks our show count into double digits…in a big way. We were honored to have the creators of Blood, Sweat, and Beer, Chip Hiden and Alexis Irvin, as well as Brew Gentlemen co-founders Asa Foster and Matt Katase, AND Braddock Mayor John Fetterman sit down with us to record this episode and provide some tremendous insight on the craft beer scene both locally and as a whole.

For those who couldn’t make the premiere of Blood, Sweat, & Beer, there are numerous screenings at Row House Cinema in Lawrenceville throughout Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week! Download PCBN Mobile and click on the special Blood, Sweat, & Beer icon to learn more about the movie and screening times.

Enjoy the show!


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