[PODCAST] OACOB: Session 33 – Consuming Full Pints w/ Tom Marshall

Over a Couple of Beers is back! Session 33 takes us to Full Pint Brewing’s Wild Side Pub for a candid sit down with Tom Marshall, Territory Manager for Full Pint. I asked Tom the hard-hitting questions…actually, no…we just talked about beer while consuming the full lineup of beers on tap at the pub. Sounds like your typical session of OACOB.

In all seriousness, we talked about Full Pint’s rise to fame in the Pittsburgh region, some of the beers in their portfolio, and broke the news of Full Pint’s Rye Rebellion AND new soon-to-be released session beer known as Social being featured in the Pittsburgh Beer of the Month Spotlight for April. Our first doubleheader…just in time for baseball season. We got into some other fun beer talk too, including but not limited to a rant about Untappd and where we were when Sid Bream scored that fateful Game 7 run…

So, as always, I recommend you pour yourself a tasty beverage as you consume our latest session of Over a Couple of Beers. Enjoy the show!

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