[PODCAST] OACOB: Episode 31 – I Drink Alone

Yours truly is back behind the mic for the next installment of Over a Couple of Beers! It’s been a crazy couple weeks with news breaking and podcasts recording and beers flowing and everything in between. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

In this episode, I crack open a Patrick’s Poison Imperial Red Ale from Rivertowne Brewing and get you guys caught up on everything that’s been going down with PCBN, Breaking Brews, and Over a Couple of Beers. In addition, Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his first appearance on Over a Couple of Beers. You heard me right. I also took on some listener questions…thanks to you guys for shipping over some inquiries!

I should also note that Patrick’s Poison will be March’s Pittsburgh Beer of the Month on Breaking Brews. So much better than any of that green nonsense that’ll be floating all over town in a couple weeks.

You can listen to the show below or subscribe to Over a Couple of Beers on iTunes and Stitcher.

Grab yourself a tasty beverage and get ready for Episode 31 of Over a Couple of Beers. Cheers!








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