[PODCAST] OACOB: Episode 30 – Sippin’ Whiskey with Wigle

OACOBWe talk about beer an awful lot on Over a Couple of Beers. That’s kinda the point of a beer podcast. But Pittsburgh offers us a world of outstanding libations in addition to beer, so it’s only right that we pay them homage, too. And that’s what happened with Episode 30.

Wigle Whiskey opened its doors in 2012 and has been a fixture in the Steel City ever since. They’ve brought some phenomenal products to the shelves and now have two tasting rooms where you can enjoy creative cocktails consisting of Wigle products. Wigle’s success has also led to the announcement that they’ll be opening a new cider house and meadery, Threadbare Cider, in the Fall of 2016. They joined us briefly on Episode 28 at the Good Wood Festival in January, but this time, we’ve got them for a whole show!

Join yours truly as I welcome David Harries and Jill Steiner back to the podcast to talk about all things whiskey. I even got my first taste of Afterglow Ginger Whiskey, Wigle’s newest product set to release this coming weekend. Love it. My request for the ultimate ginger cocktail, Afterglow with ginger beer (seen below), was beautiful and something any ginger fan will love.

Normally I recommend pouring a beer as you fire up the show, but today I’m recommending your favorite whiskey and/or cocktail. This episode will definitely get you in the mood for one.

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Enjoy the show!

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