[PODCAST] OACOB: Episode 28 – It’s The Wood That Makes It Good

It's The Wood That Makes It Good“It’s the wood that makes it good.” — Newman, Seinfeld

In a recent blog post, I made the comment that 2016 was going to be a pretty big year for barrel-aged beer in Pittsburgh. You’d be hard-pressed to find a brewery that doesn’t have some sort of barrel-aging program in effect as we speak. The timing makes perfect sense, too. A great deal of the breweries making an impact on the scene here in Pittsburgh have been open for 1-2 years, meaning the beers they’ve had resting in barrels have reached their prime. That’s not to discount breweries who laid the foundation for craft beer in Pittsburgh and have been around for a longer period of time…they’re doing some unbelievable things with wood, too!

This past Saturday, East End Brewing Company, along with Wigle Whiskey, played host to the 2016 Good Wood Festival, an event designed to showcase the barrel-aged offerings for 13 breweries in the Pittsburgh region. The breweries on the docket consisted of East End, North Country Brewing, Hop Farm Brewing, Lavery Brewing, Full Pint Brewing, Church Brew Works, Spoonwood Brewing Company, Grist House Brewing, Four Seasons Brewing, Penn Brewery, Rivertowne Brewing, Bloom Brew, and Arsenal Cider.

Good Wood unfolded for the second time and gave craft beer enthusiasts an exclusive opportunity to tap into beers not found on a daily basis. From Russian Imperial Stouts aged in bourbon barrels to IPAs aged in gin barrels and everything in between, a boozy combination of aged beers and hopped whiskey courtesy of Wigle flowed through East End and brought smiles to the faces of everyone in attendance on this chilly Pittsburgh evening.

A great deal of the beers being poured reached their boozy finality by sitting patiently inside of barrels provided to our local brewers by Wigle. The relationships they’ve formed have played an integral part in the barrel-aging programs the majority of the local breweries have in motion. Wigle is an incredible part of the Pittsburgh libation scene and, as I mention in the intro to the podcast you’re about to dive into, their knowledge and passion for their product is second to none.

In this episode of Over a Couple of Beers, we took the governor off and truly had ourselves a great time! Plenty of barrel-aged beers and whiskey samples served as the ultimate social lubrication necessary for pulling off one of our most fun and entertaining podcasts to date.

For this episode, we couldn’t do it alone. You’ll see below the star-studded list of guests we had on the show. It’s one for the books…an episode chalk full of entertainment AND education fueled by our favorite adult beverages.

Pour yourself your favorite drink for this one…you’ll want to drink along with the rest of us.


Pics from Good Wood 2016






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