PLW Sponsor Spotlight: The BeerHive

As the Inaugural Pittsburgh Libations Week rapidly approaches with our Kickoff Bash scheduled for Friday, October 12th, Breaking Brews – The Official Blog of PLW – brings you up close and personal with the sponsors who have joined the cause and are making all this possible with a new feature: The PLW Sponsor Spotlight. Men and women operating businesses of all shapes, sizes, and missions have helped shape our culture and continue to push it forward as Pittsburgh strives to cement its legacy as a true adult beverage destination across the globe.

The BeerHive

The Strip District offers one of the most unique experiences you can find in the Steel City. Shops with hometown sports merchandise, fine-dining restaurants, museums, specialty stores, and much, much more. A weekend trip to this area of the city can help capture that old-school shopping mecca feel that once represented our landscape, when society was void of strip malls and Amazon. It’s a great area to frequent. It gives you a true picture of what Pittsburgh is all about – past, present, and future.

Of course, no neighborhood is complete without its local pub and The Strip definitely has its fair share of adult beverage destinations. Today, we turn our attention to The BeerHive. This friendly locale on Penn Ave. in the heart of the Strip celebrated its 8th birthday this past May and continues to be a must-visit whenever you’re in the area. Beer, spirits, food, and fun are what it’s all about. Sprinkle in Happy Hour every weekday + beer events with local, regional, and national breweries and you’ve got yourself a place you can call your second home.

The BeerHive is the brainchild of three brothers: Joey Robl, John Patterson, and Will Patterson. These three frequented another popular destination in our region, House of 1000 Beers in New Kensington, many times and felt they had what it took to bring a bar to fruition as well. It took just six months from conception over beers and wings to their grand opening in May 2011.

The bar’s success spawned another idea for that brotherly trio; one that’s currently making massive waves throughout the city – Pittsburgh Pickle Company. More on that in a moment.

Today, Joe’s wife Kassie runs The ‘Hive and always keeps a variety of great craft beer on tap, as well as in the coolers via bottles and cans. Kassie got her start working at a bar/restaurant in Oakmont, bartending and building a solid knowledge base for craft beer. She worked her way up at The BeerHive and now is responsible for keeping their 12 taps and over 150 bottles and cans well-stocked for consumers of all ages over 21 – typically showcasing a mix of seasonals, rare offerings, and all-time customer favorites. 

The BeerHive is the Strip District’s quintessential neighborhood bar. Customers feel like family and many regulars are considered friends. You can walk in and instantly feel welcome and comfortable no matter what you’re ordering. IPA drinkers sit right next to, and even get along with, light domestic beverage drinkers. Who knew there could be such peace in this world?

Along with stellar beer selection is a food menu that truly makes The BeerHive stand out. It’s American bar food done well. Everything is made from scratch. The sauces and the dressings, even the burgers and chicken strips, are always fresh. Seriously, there’s someone in the back breading chicken tenders to order.

As I mentioned before, the brothers branched out beyond the bar scene to start Pittsburgh Pickle Company. They were looking for a pickle that was up to the task of being fried because they wanted to feature fried pickles on their menu. They couldn’t find one. So, they did the next logical thing: made their own. In August 2014, after several customers asked for their pickles BEFORE they even hit the fryers, Pittsburgh Pickle Company became official.

Customers have been known to eat a jar of pickles sitting at the bar while enjoying their favorite beverages. That’s why they always have some keeping cool in the cooler.

Their portfolio features Pittsburgh Style Pickles, Better Bread & Butter Pickles, and Fire & Smoke Pickles. Plus, they recently released a Bloody Mary mix featuring their very own pickle brine (pictured left). You can purchase these pickles and the new Briney Mary Mix at The BeerHive and various grocery outlets throughout the region, including Giant Eagle.

Throughout Pittsburgh Libations Week, The BeerHive will be a destination to check out, jam-packed with events and happenings throughout the nine-day stretch. Pull up a stool, grab a beer, grab a pickle, and relish (see what I did there) in the beauty of The ‘Hive!












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