PLW Sponsor Spotlight: Brewed2Burn Candles

As the Inaugural Pittsburgh Libations Week rapidly approaches with our Kickoff Bash scheduled for Friday, October 12th, Breaking Brews – The Official Blog of PLW – brings you up close and personal with the sponsors who have joined the cause and are making all this possible with a new feature: The PLW Sponsor Spotlight. Men and women operating businesses of all shapes, sizes, and missions have helped shape our culture and continue to push it forward as Pittsburgh strives to cement its legacy as a true adult beverage destination across the globe.

Brewed 2 Burn Candles

Family business is a cornerstone of Pittsburgh. You can’t throw a stone without hitting a business that has been around since the 1900s (but please, don’t use stones to test this theory). Here in Pittsburgh, we love the history and romanticism of families in business together. That connection becomes apparent in what you’re selling. Your clients become your friends and, eventually, family.

Michelle Dangelo Arnoni knows this first-hand by working alongside her father at Brentwood Distributing, a family-owned company that’s been around for 60+ years and is three generations strong. Without question, you (and your parents and probably even grandparents) can thank Brentwood for bringing your favorite beverage to your favorite bars and restaurants all over Pittsburgh and beyond.

You don’t get to enjoy that kind of staying power without doing something right. Michelle learned how to cultivate relationships and deliver exceptional satisfaction from her father. Being in business with family is challenging, for sure, but it also instills great pride in your work. It is the family name, after all.

Michelle is carrying on the beer legacy both as the Vice President of Sales at Brentwood Distributing and also through her own business. Because Michelle grew up in a world centered around that delicious beverage, it’s no wonder that she took inspiration from it when she created a line of candles. Brewed2Burn is a luxury candle brand that takes flavors from craft beers we all know and love and turns them into pleasant aromas.

Each candle she makes starts with soy wax, an earth-friendly substance that burns cleanly, natural wicks, and rich scents inspired by flavors found in craft beer. Candles are then hand-poured into recycled beer bottles and packaged with an attention to detail every beer lover would appreciate.

Bubbly2Burn, the sister of Brewed2Burn, is created in the same mold, using scents found in your favorite bottles of bubbles. They’re a perfect pairing of two indulgences: candles and champagne. These soy candles are inspired by champagne scents and hand-poured into recycled champagne bottles.

The love of local doesn’t stop at the materials that go into the candles. While you can purchase these candles online, it’s much more fun to smell them in person first. As such, they’re distributed to many Pittsburgh boutiques. Shopping local from a local maker who is ingrained in the Pittsburgh beer scene is a no-brainer. It’s like drinking locally produced beer from an establishment that happens to be right in your neighborhood – oh wait, we already do that every week!

Even more wonderful than the local focus Michelle brings to her candles is the way she’s using them to affect change in our community. Brewed2Burn keeps the flame burning by donating a portion of the proceeds to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Their mission is to cure, prevent, and treat Type 1 diabetes and its complications. As an organization who is also giving back a portion of all our ticket sales and sponsorship revenue to Lending Hearts, it’s so important to us that our partners appreciate the charitable aspects.

We’re thrilled to partner with Michelle and Brewed2Burn! Supporting local is so important to us, whether we’re drinking, eating, or indulging in small-batch goods. The care and family pride is apparent in every sip, bite, and sniff.

Learn more about Brewed2Burn and where to buy them here.




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