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As the Inaugural Pittsburgh Libations Week rapidly approaches with our Kickoff Bash scheduled for Friday, October 12th, Breaking Brews – The Official Blog of PLW – brings you up close and personal with the sponsors who have joined the cause and are making all this possible with a new feature: The PLW Sponsor Spotlight. Men and women operating businesses of all shapes, sizes, and missions have helped shape our culture and continue to push it forward as Pittsburgh strives to cement its legacy as a true adult beverage destination across the globe.


Years ago, purchasing beer in Pennsylvania was tough. Laws required beer be purchased on draft, in six packs, 12-packs, or cases through a beer distributor. Some specialty stores carried six-packs, or you could grab one at a bar…and pay out the nose for it. Grocery stores were not permitted to carry beer and distributors were closed on Sunday. Craft beers were starting to play more of a role, but many consumers were apprehensive to pay double what they’d grown accustomed to spending on beer for a product they may not enjoy. A handful of beer drinkers made the transition over time, but it was slow going as more craft breweries began distributing throughout the Commonwealth.

Thankfully, over the past several years, new laws have been implemented to help propel the craft beer scene forward. Grocery stores now carry beer to purchase, fill growlers, and even let you consume on-site. Distributors carry six and 12-packs. And all of the aforementioned entities are able to sell beer in singles, meaning you, the consumer, can mix-and-match various beer styles and familiarize yourself with the diverse choices at your disposal without committing to a case of one particular brand. No more fear of purchasing a whole case and hoping for the best.

These law changes led to the rise of the bottle shop. Bottle shops are carry hundreds of brands from local, regional, and national breweries and give you tons of flexibility in your purchase. The beauty of a bottle shop is you could purchase a case or a six-pack’s worth of beer OR just one single bottle at any given time. The best shops always have variety and customer experience front of mind and understand their role in the beer community. They’re not there just to sell you beer; they’re there to help you appreciate the product and gain a better understanding of craft beer in general.

Bierport in Lawrenceville is the epitome of this philosophy. In today’s beer-centric world, you can get a bottle of beer just about anywhere. But at Bierport, you’re getting the opportunity to converse with smart-minded beer professionals who will help you build the perfect six-pack. Maybe you’re looking for similar options to a specific style or brand you recently consumed; their team can point you to something new you’re sure to enjoy. Maybe you just want to get in, get your beer, and get out; that’s OK, too. The point is – building your education and delivering an experience is what Bierport is all about.

Nestled in the heart of Lawrenceville on Butler Street and connected with Row House Cinema, Bierport has been at the forefront of the uprising of the neighborhood. They believe in helping everyone who comes through their door become a better beer drinker, taking the extra time needed to help you create the perfect stock of beer for at-home or at-party consumption. Each member of the Bierport crew are Cicerone Certified Beer Servers, meaning, quite frankly, they know their beer.

In their own words, Bierport is more than just a beer store, it’s a destination. If outstanding variety and service is what you crave in a beer store, then you’ve landed upon the right place. It’s a place to enjoy beer with other enthusiasts, to discover new brews with the help of our knowledgeable staff, and to embrace the ever-growing beer scene from both around the world and right at our doorstep.

Bierport’s inventory boasts a stock of over 950 bottles and cans ranging from local, American, seasonal, rare, import, gluten free, mead, and cider offerings from a wide portfolio of breweries AND over 120 non-alcoholic sodas. All purchases can be made individually and mixed six-packs receive a 10% discount when rung up. They’re open seven days a week to ensure your thirst is always quenched and will curate variety packs for your convenience should you desire.

And that’s just the bottle shop! We haven’t even ventured down the steps to the Bierport taproom. 19 beers flow from the taps at all times and can be purchased in flights, 5oz tasters, and full pours. Growlers are also available if you’re on the go – 16oz, 32oz, and 64oz. The taproom is a great spot to chill with a refreshing beer or flash back to your younger years with Bierport’s old school video game setup. The taproom offers daily specials, happy hour, and weekly events. It is family and dog friendly and available for private parties upon request. They put major emphasis on education and host various events with breweries, as well as food pairings and beer flight classes to help you achieve a well-rounded beer experience.

As we move closer to the inaugural Pittsburgh Libations Week, we are proud to have Bierport sponsoring our plight and are eager to partner with them for some very cool events in October. We love their focus on community and education and feel their business philosophies run side-by-side with ours. It’s going to be a great partnership! Stay close to our social media as we announce events with Bierport in the near future.



We want to partner with you, too! Visit the Pittsburgh Libations Week website today and learn more about how you can join us as we strive to push the Steel City’s adult beverage culture forward.













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