Pittsburgh Takes Center Stage on The Business of Beer Podcast

The Business of BeerA couple weeks back, I got the opportunity to speak with Andy “The Beerman” Coppack on his renowned podcast The Business of Beer, powered by TapHunter. We had a lot of fun talking about the Pittsburgh beer scene, Breaking Brews, the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network, and the craft beer industry in general. In 30 minutes time, I did as much as I could to abolish the notion that Pittsburgh should only be known for “Ahrn City.”

In all seriousness, it was great to talk about how much Pittsburgh has progressed in the last few years. My goal in the interview was to put our entire scene as a whole over and, while I know I named a few locations by name, I simply didn’t have the time available to pay homage to each and every one of the great bars, breweries, restaurants, chefs, and entities that have made our scene take shape and thrive the way it has. No matter what your role is within our community, whether it be owner, manager, brewer, assistant brewer, bartender, journalist, blogger, podcaster, wholesaler, distributor, or fan and enthusiast, you are making an impact that’s helping get Pittsburgh the recognition it deserves.

The Business of Beer Podcast has featured several craft beer industry mainstays such as Stone Brewing CEO & Co-Founder Greg Koch, 21st Amendment’s Director of Sales Ted Whitney, All About Beer Magazine Editor John Holl, Brewers Association Craft Beer Program Director Julia Herz, and many other founders, brewers, and craft beer industry personalities. To be included amongst that group is a real honor.

You can click here to be redirected to The Business of Beer Podcast, or you can subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher and get caught up on all the episodes you’ve missed. Simply search The Business of Beer and be sure to give them a nice rating if you like what you hear.







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