Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week 2014: Tapping the Steel City’s Craft Beer Scene

As you look out your window today, you’re undoubtedly eyeball-to-eyeball with a big pile of snow, with its treacherous white glare and cold, chilling breath showing no signs of giving up.

But rest easy, friends. The passing of another year of bitter Pittsburgh weather leads to the launch of what’s becoming a great tradition in our fair city.

Pittsburgh Craft Beer WeekThe 3rd Annual Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week is just around the corner and promises to be even bigger than the previous two years! This 10-day event, scheduled April 25th thru May 4th, will be jam-packed with events that pool the collective efforts of brewers, bar owners, wholesalers, distributors, and craft beer enthusiasts together to continue amplifying the growing craft beer scene in Pittsburgh.

Craft Beer Week highlights Pittsburgh’s sizable craft beer culture, expanding the reach and popularity of craft beer through education, collaboration, cooperation, and responsible libation.

Over the past several years, the popularity of craft beer has risen to dizzying heights thanks to consumer’s demand for an alternative to yellow, fizzy bitterness. There comes a time in every person’s life where they must demand more from their beer. Eventually, silly gimmicks like punch-top cans and color-changing mountains lose their luster when the product they house is boring, watered-down, and flavorless.

Craft beer drinkers seek that perfect blend of flavor, hops, quality, uniqueness, and overall satisfaction when they crack into an India Pale Ale (IPA), Porter, Bock, Stout, Lager, etc. Think of how avid wine aficionados sample different wines in an effort to find their next favorite. It’s the same with a good craft beer, but only a fool would spit a chocolate stout into a bucket.

PCBW is a collaboration between the breweries, distributors, bottle shops, restaurants and craft beer fans who have made a commitment to supporting craft beer in the Pittsburgh region. Beer lovers will be treated to a week+ of exclusive events all over the region, including some of the following:

  • Beer tastings
  • Dinners pairing craft beer with great local food
  • Special beers brewed exclusively for PCBW
  • Meeting the brewers behind your favorite beers

Pittsburgh is jam-packed with an abundance breweries, restaurants, bars and grills flying the banner of craft beer for those ready to enhance their beer-consumption experience. This year, the expectations for participants and successful events are at an all-time high.

Staple events appearing on the Craft Beer Week marquee again in 2014 are the Real Ale Festival and, this year’s Kickoff event, the Commonwealth Press Beer Barge. Last year’s Barge extravaganza was so popular, one boat can’t house what CWP is expecting in ’14. That said, check out what they’re up to this year!

As the winter days fade away, we draw closer and closer to Spring and, more excitedly, Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week 2014. While you continue to brush off your cars and shovel your sidewalks over the next couple months, there are plenty of ways you can stay connected with the Craft Beer week planning committee and keep yourself looped in as the events come together.


@PGH_BeerWeek on Twitter

Craft Beer Week on Facebook

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Craft Beer Week in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week is organized and operated by the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Alliance, a non-profit 501(c)(6) organization overseen by a board of brewery managers, restaurant managers, craft beer industry employees and others to help promote and raise awareness for Pittsburgh craft beer.



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