Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network? What Is This?

Hitchhiker Brewing Tumbleweed Oatmeal Brown AleAs I’ve mentioned A LOT on Breaking Brews, Pittsburgh has become a hotbed for craft beer. For evidence of this, look no further than the success of the 3rd Annual Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week, which came to a conclusion on May 4th. The numerous events spread across the Steel City overflowed with craft beer enthusiasts of all ages (21 and older, of course), all on a mission to sample new, unique, delicious artisanal libations. Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week has grown in size, structure, and accomplishment since its inception in 2012, and it’s all thanks to the growing demand you, the consumer, have for craft beers.

Not convinced? How about three new breweries are opening in Pittsburgh this May alone! Hitchhiker Brewing in Mt. Lebanon is already up and brewing, and Brew Gentlemen and Grist House Brewing are set to open before the end of the month. All three represent great additions to the local craft family and show, once again, the demand for craft beer is absolutely, undeniably there.

Need more? The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports Frank Fuhrer Beer Wholesalers is expanding their South Side campus in order to house the amount of craft beer needed to meet consumer demand, as well as provide a home for all the new breweries from around the country breaking into the Pittsburgh market.

Bottom line is this: craft beer is at an all-time peak in popularity. And there’s zero evidence of a decline any time soon.

An Idea Is Born…

If you “tuned in” to the Craft Beer Week Facebook and Twitter accounts, you were treated daily to updates about events taking place in the Steel City. With so much unfolding, it was impossible to be everywhere at once (trust me, I tried). So it was necessary to plot out each day and determine which event, or events, piqued your interest enough to attend. And regardless of where you ended up, you undoubtedly had a great time.

So, as I sat at Caliente with owner Nick Bogacz on May 16th, we were talking about potential promotional ideas for his pizza and craft beer house, as well as reminiscing about PCBW, when Nick said the statement that will end up becoming the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network (anyone who’s a fan of Breaking Brews is probably realizing single sentences seem to inspire me): “There should be a website that announces craft beer events year-round.”

And there you have it. Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network is in the works. Thanks Nick!

So…What Is Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network?

The Pittsburgh Craft Beer NetworkThe Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network, or PCBN for those into brevity, will be a website where bars, breweries, bottle shops, wholesalers and distributors can broadcast tastings, tappings, new beer launches, and any other event being held at their locales or locales they represent, 24/7/365. Think Craft Beer Week becoming Craft Beer YEAR! Your liver says no to that, but your heart screams YES!

The objective is to keep the spotlight focused on craft beer year-round and give the purveyors of these great libations a unified outlet to spread the word about what’s happening in the Pittsburgh craft beer scene. The website, once launched, will feature videos, graphics, descriptions, venues, dates, and more to keep you in the loop and always abreast of something fun and exciting surrounding craft beer.

With so much happening in Pittsburgh, PCBN is here to give the craft beer establishments a new outlet to promote and you a new outlet to stay current. Our city is becoming a craft beer destination and as the scene continues to explode, the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network will look to capture as much of it as possible!

What’s On Tap for #PCBN?

As we build towards the website launch, Social Media is in place and updates will be provided via Twitter and Facebook. These popular sites will continue to be utilized once PCBN is off the ground.


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