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BarleywineI’m telling you, the scene in Pittsburgh could not be any brighter when it comes to craft beer. Since Spring started to show signs of sticking around for a while in April, we’ve been treated to Brewer’s Ball, Beers of the ‘Burgh, Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week, and the grand openings of Hitchhiker Brewing, The Brew Gentlemen, and Grist House Brewing.

Not a bad couple of months.

With citizens of Pittsburgh constantly asking more of their beer, it’s only natural more people come forward to satiate their needs. That’s simple supply and demand. More breweries from around the region and country are making their wares available here, wholesalers are expanding their facilities to house these wares, and bars and restaurants are diversifying their taps to give us all more options. Combine all that with an incredibly stable foundation of local microbreweries that is growing at a rapid pace and you’ve got yourself craft beer at every turn. Or, simply stated, beer nirvana.

Naturally, with growth comes the need to promote. In order for people to know what’s tapping next, you need a site that brings all the information together in a fun, informative environment.

The Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network will do just that and then some.

As craft beer continues to ride this incredible wave of popularity, more people will be looking for activities surrounding it. That said, one major objective of the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network is to amplify the message of all its members so craft beer enthusiasts always know what’s coming up next. This will keep more people informed, more people occupying the various locales across the city, and more people spreading the word about craft beer, ultimately contributing to its overall growth in our region.

Craft beer is skyrocketing in sales, presence, availability, and overall “hip factor.” Due to this incredible rise, it’s only fitting a community comes together that keeps craft beer in focus at all times. PCBN looks to be that community that unifies the entire craft beer scene in Pittsburgh.

Who Can Join the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network?

The one word answer? EVERYBODY!

PCBN is structured for bars, restaurants, breweries, bottle shops, wholesalers, distributors, and pretty much any other outlet that’s affiliated with craft beer to utilize their membership for promotion of anything happening at their particular locales.

New brewery tapped for the first time at your bar? Announce it on PCBN.

Beer dinner at your establishment? Announce it on PCBN.

Just kegged a new beer that’s debuting at your microbrewery? Announce it on PCBN.

Tap takeover? Happy Hour special? New food menu?

I think you see where this is going.

But that’s not all…

PCBN membership is not just for the purveyors of craft beer…it’s for you, the craft beer enthusiast, as well! That’s right, a special craft beer insiders membership is available that gives you first-hand knowledge of what’s tapping next.

Imagine…an exclusive beer and food pairing dinner where only 50 tickets are available…and you get first crack at a ticket because you’re a member of the PCBN!

Or, what if your most sought-after rare beer pops up in our market and will tap at one of Pittsburgh’s great craft beer locales in limited quantities…and you know about it before the tap marker is even put in?! That’s a great edge for anyone who cares about their beer.

The advantages of this membership will be great for any craft beer enthusiast and will be priced RI-DICULOUSLY low! Pricing details coming soon…

As we get closer to the launch of ‘The Network,’ I will continue to leak details on Breaking Brews, as well as the PCBN Twitter and Facebook accounts on memberships. If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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