Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network Announces Partnership with TapHunter

The Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network is pleased to announce a partnership with TapHunter, a new craft beer smartphone application, to further enhance Pittsburgh’s burgeoning craft beer scene. TapHunter is designed to help you find your favorite craft beers at various destinations throughout our region. It also provides bars, breweries, or any establishment with a rotating craft beer lineup with the ability to communicate current and upcoming tappings to consumers in a matter of seconds.

TapHunterTapHunter was founded in 2009 with a mission of engaging customers and educating staff members at bars and breweries. This increased knowledge from both sides helped lead to an increase in drink sales and tips, as well as a more loyal fan base that returned to the app thirsty for more relevant craft beer information. Their program has helped enthusiasts locate their favorite beers at their favorite craft beer destinations and have reduced inventory management for said destinations from hours a day to minutes.

“Our platform has helped thousands of bar and restaurant owners across the U.S. and internationally with their ever-changing craft beer list,” said Kara Robinson, Marketing and Customer Success Manager for TapHunter. “The TapHunter tools not only save them hours daily by streamlining their day-to-day tasks, but also helps them sell more by driving more customers through their doors.”

In addition to their mobile application, TapHunter uses a variety of online and social media outlets to deliver pertinent information about new tappings at your favorite bars. They also supply printed menus and digital video screens of your favorite beers that boldly share what’s on tap. In other words, TapHunter makes keeping tabs on your favorite beers as easy as drinking them.

“One of our most popular products right now is our digital drink menu, Kara explained. “These menus allow our customers to put their live beer list on any existing TV in their bar for a very affordable price. The digital list updates in real time through the TapHunter app. This feature is proving to be one of the hottest bar and restaurant trends of 2016.”

TapHunter currently has over 250,000 users and has established solid footing in top-notch craft beer markets in California, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, North Carolina, and New York. Recently, TapHunter became a resource for craft beer enthusiasts in Philadelphia. Now, by partnering with the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network, TapHunter will be breaking into the Steel City.

“I’m very excited to introduce TapHunter to the Pittsburgh craft beer community,” Jason Cercone, Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network Founder, stated. “Just like PCBN helps keep enthusiasts connected to events and happenings in our region, TapHunter will help those same enthusiasts find their favorite beverages all over town. Plus, TapHunter will make life a million times easier for those managing extensive tap programs throughout the region.”

You can connect to TapHunter via PCBN Connect or by visiting taphunter.com. Download their free app in the App Store or Google Play and stay tuned for more updates on TapHunter’s Pittsburgh rollout in the upcoming days and weeks.






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