Pittsburgh Beer(s) of the Month: Full Pint Rye Rebellion & Social

Pittsburgh Beer of the MonthApril 2016

“Hurry up and chug that, we have to go.”

OK, how many things can we find wrong with that one little statement?

First off, you may be thinking I heard this back in college while my friends were getting ready to hop from one dive bar to another. But you’d be wrong. This little gem was thrown my way at The Urban Tap in the South Side a couple years ago.

Second, chugging craft beer…it isn’t exactly recommended. But the group was ready to move on to another locale, so to hell with actually enjoying your beer, just shotgun that bad boy. Uh huh.

Next, the beer in my glass was 11% ABV. Strike three, fella. You guys go on without me and I’ll catch up soon.

Finally, it was Full Pint Brewing’s Rye freakin’ Rebellion, baby. And when that beer is in my glass, I want to take my sweet ass time and enjoy every sip. Like an adult.

Many local beers have crossed my path and gained my affection, and several of those offerings have come courtesy of Full Pint Brewing Company. Tri-PA is pretty high on my list and, if you listened to the Over a Couple of Beers podcast I did with Full Pint’s Territory Manager Tom Marshall a couple weeks back, I’ve added T-Funk and Little Brown to my go-to list as well. But Rye Rebellion has always been towards the top of my list. A rich, roasty brew, it’s as strong and bold as the day is long…and that’s one fine way to deliver a craft libation.

With Rye Rebellion set to make its 2016 debut this month, it’s only fitting it lands in the Pittsburgh Beer of the Month spotlight. But, since baseball season is nearly upon us, we are throwing you a tasty curveball and doing our first-ever Beer of the Month Doubleheader. Joining Rye Rebellion is a new release from Full Pint known as Social, a session IPA that will replace Full Pint’s past session beer, Hobnobber.

To bring you the skinny you desire on these two brews, I put Tom on the spot sans a podcast microphone and he delivered in his usual fashion. Get to know Rye Rebellion and Social and be on the lookout for the releases of these two beers in the upcoming weeks.

Tom, you may begin.

rye rebellionRye Rebellion

In your own words, tell us what we need to know about Rye Rebellion.

Rye Rebellion is our most sought after beer. It’s our most artisan and most well-respected beer (RATE BEER: 94).

Where did the inspiration for Rye Rebellion come? Any fun, interesting, or crazy stories come from brewing this beer?

Rick Sebak (the Pittsburgh institution) helped us name this beer. It’s an homage to the Whiskey Rebellion. It was originally named Imperial Rye Stout (boring…), then became Rye Rebellion, named for the once-burgeoning Western PA rye whiskey industry before the Whiskey Rebellion and Prohibition.

What characteristics should we know about Rye Rebellion?

Four different types of rye malts (rye, crystal rye, flaked rye, and chocolate rye) set this imperial stout apart from the other garden variety imperial stouts. 30 bbls of this imperial rye stout aged in rye whiskey barrels for four months and is blended with 60 bbls of unbarrel-aged beer.

What particular flavor notes should people expect to discover in Rye Rebellion?

It’s smooth and easy-drinking for an imperial (11% ABV) with hints of oak, vanilla, char, chocolate, and rye spice.

What pairs well with Rye Rebellion?

Foie gras, smoked/fatty meats, dark chocolate/rich desserts, aged cheeses. Kisses and long seductive/lusty stares.

Can we find Rye Rebellion at any craft beer destinations in Pittsburgh or specifically in your taproom?

Burgatory (all locations), Pork & Beans in Downtown Pittsburgh (soft opening beer dinner), BRGR (all locations), Bridgetown Tap House in Ambridge, Independent Brewing in Squirrel Hill, and both of our brewpub locations in North Versailles and Lawrenceville among other locations that will feature Rye Rebellion during Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week (get it while it lasts). Rye Rebellion was sold out in only a few weeks last year (get it while it lasts).



In your own words, tell us what we need to know about Social.

This beer is NOT a Hobnobber rebrand. A brand new recipe and concept, and our first fruit beer.

Where did the inspiration for Social come? Any fun, interesting, or crazy stories come from brewing this beer?

The inspiration for this beer is camaraderie in the act of being “social.” People enjoy one another’s company while enjoying a beer.

What characteristics should we know about Social?

It’s a brand new session IPA. New malts. New hops. Conditioned with grapefruit.

What particular flavor notes should people expect to discover in Social?

Light, copper color, single-hopped (Chinook) session IPA is complimented by a subtle grapefruit flavor.

What pairs well with Social?

Spicy foods, cheddar, burgers, burgers, burgers…carrot/pumpkin-based desserts, warm days and cool summer nights. Hugs and firm hand shakes.

Can we find Social at any craft beer destinations in Pittsburgh or specifically at your taproom?

The Social Release party will be at “Social” in East Liberty on Friday, April 15th from 6-8pm. Initial shipment to our Pittsburgh wholesaler is over 60 1/2 barrels out to the public (available at all reputable craft bars). Tentatively available APril to the end of September (maybe longer).






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