Pittsburgh Beer of the Month: Brew Gentlemen Mammoth

Pittsburgh Beer of the MonthDecember 2015

There’s no denying…we are in particularly lucky times in Pittsburgh right now, weather-wise. Early December and hardly any accumulation of snow on the ground. Thanks to Twitter, I learned that there’s simply no chance of making everyone happy when it comes to winter in the ‘Burgh as I caught a tweet the other day of someone expressing disdain for no snow. It’s unofficial, but I have it on good authority that it was someone in Giant Eagle management upset that eggs, milk, and bread aren’t flying off the shelf.

But I digress. Regardless of Mother Nature taking it easy on us thus far, ’tis the season for big beers. Normally, we’re looking for an adult beverage big and roasty to warm the blood this time of year. Those typically come to us in the form of stouts, but let’s not discount the good deeds a solid Double IPA can do when the thermometer goes south. That higher ABV can heat things up as good as anything and, for hopheads like myself, IPAs and Double IPAs will never go out of season.

Earlier this summer, The Brew Gentlemen Beer Company brought us a beautiful Double IPA known as Akamai. This beer received much praise from Pittsburgh’s craft beer brethren. So much so that Matt Katase and Asa Foster, co-founders of The Brew Gentlemen, and Head Brewer Zach Gordon decided to brew a winter version that has affectionately been dubbed Mammoth.

You may remember Mammoth making its debut as a Weizenbock in 2014. But, thanks to a world of issues in the creation of that style, Mammoth graces the taps in 2015 as a DIPA.

MammothA cool name, a creative logo (seen right), and a childlike hope of one day seeing a mammoth battle an octopus (c’mon, Superman is gonna fight Batman on the big screen in 2016…things can happen!) has thrust Mammoth directly into the main attraction as Pittsburgh’s Beer of the Month.

I caught up with Matt and Asa to learn more about Mammoth and give you yet another excuse in the long list of excuses of why you need to get down to Braddock and check things out for yourself.

Guys, take it away.


In your own words, tell us what we need to know about Mammoth.

Mammoth is our winter seasonal, a big, juicy, hazy Double IPA.

Where did the inspiration for Mammoth come from?

The inspiration was to brew a beer that could act as a counterpart to Akamai, our summer Double IPA. After running into a number of problems brewing last winter’s version of Mammoth – a weizenbock – we knew that we weren’t going to be doing that again. We didn’t want to have to let go of the Mammoth brand entirely, however, so we decided to rebrand it as a Double IPA. And, quite frankly, we really like the idea of a mammoth fighting a giant octopus.

What characteristics should we know about Mammoth?

8.5% ABV, hopped with Mosaic, Citra, Chinook, and Simcoe. It’s hazy and golden orange in color.

What particular flavor notes should people expect to discover in Mammoth?

Slightly sweeter than its summer cousin, with tons of melon, orange, and grapefruit rounded out with light resin and pine.

What foods pair well with Mammoth?

Bold, rich, and savory flavors, such as Butterjoint’s Fancy Burger or beef jerky from Butcher on Butler.

Any fun, interesting, or crazy stories come from brewing this beer?

We are currently working with Chinese geneticists to clone a mammoth for next year’s release party.

Can we find Mammoth at any craft beer destinations in Pittsburgh or specifically in your taproom?

Our taproom will have it December through February. You may occasionally be able to find it at The Independent or Allegheny Wine Mixer.





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