[PCBW Short Pour] Tropical Chillwaves, Duck Pizza, Collaborations and Wings

For the next eight days, the Breaking Brews Short Pours, your near-daily quick shot of libations news and fun in 250 words or less, will be a quick review of where my Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week travels landed me the day before. Pittsburgh is in full-blown Beer Mode and it’s hard to get everywhere…as hard as we may try. That said, I encourage you to share your experiences in the comments section below. Let everyone know how your event(s) unfolded and what beers you enjoyed. Looking forward to hearing how you enjoyed your version of PCBW.

A Saturday to Write Home About

If it seems like the first Saturday of Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week is always off the charts, it’s because it is. The ball is officially rolling downhill and craft beer hot spots all over town are crawling with enthusiasts looking for a good beer, a good bite, and a good memory. No matter what your cup o’ tea…er, pint o’ beer, may be, the odds of discovering happiness during PCBW are very much in your favor.

After starting off my Friday in the most epic of fashions (mowing my lawn), I set out to make Saturday a memorable one, too. A full day was planned and new experiences were on the horizon. In an effort to keep things short and sweet, here’s a recap with pictures and Twitter-themed wrap-ups…140 characters or less. Ish.

Tropical Chillwave Flight

Tropical Chillwaves at Hough’s. The Dragon Fruit + Cactus Pear now owns 73% of my soul. Get this flight NOW! #ChillwaveAndChill

Collaboration Beers

Prospero. Ale Satan. Respect Your Elderberries. Pittsburgh Left. At Caliente. Beer Week beers are the best beers of all the beers. #Beers

Quack Attack

When you experience seared duck on your pizza at Caliente, you appreciate the effort Elmer Fudd put towards capturing Daffy even more. #BestInTheWorld

GBIFD Brewers

The Brewers behind Greenfield Bridge is Falling Down, a juicy Vermont-style IPA. I promise you, Steve from Spoonwood had been awake for hours prior to this picture #PCBWCollaborations #Helltown #Spoonwood #Helicon #DancingGnome

Wing Smorgasbord

So of course you gather with some of your closest friends for music trivia and an impromptu wing buffet during PCBW. It’s what you do! #BeeryWantWingy #99Bottles

Great day. Hough’s, Caliente, Spoonwood, and 99 Bottles were all jumpin’ from start to finish yesterday and we’ve still got EIGHT DAYS of this left!

The Quack Attack pizza at Caliente will be featured every day throughout Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week…but once they run out of duck for the day, that’s it. Make sure you get in early and often.


Where did your PCBW travels take you on Saturday? Let us know in the Comments below!







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