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For the next 10 days, the Breaking Brews Short Pours, your near-daily quick shot of libations news and fun in 250 words or less, will be a quick review of where my Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week travels landed me the day before. Pittsburgh is in full-blown Beer Mode and it’s hard to get everywhere…as hard as we may try. That said, I encourage you to share your experiences in the comments section below. Let everyone know how your event(s) unfolded and what beers you enjoyed. Looking forward to hearing how you enjoyed your version of PCBW.

Kicking Things Off…

It’s no secret, Pittsburgh has quickly established itself as a craft beer destination on a national level. Plenty of beer is flowing through our streets (let that visual sink in…) with new breweries launching in various neighborhoods across the city and established breweries from outside our three rivers bringing their game to town. That’s truly cause for year-round craft beer celebration and that’s what we aim to do on Breaking Brews and the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network. And within those 365 days falls a special 10-day extravaganza that appropriately showcases just how strong our craft beer culture has become.

Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week 2016 is officially in swing, entering its 5th year and featuring more events at more destinations than ever before. What started as a literal 7-day week containing a handful of events back in 2012 has exploded into 10+ days of over 300 unique, fan-friendly, liver-abusing beer appreciation. I threw a + on the end of the 10 because there’s no point in waiting for the official day, right? Kickoff events are made to start earlier.

Rock Bottom Kickoff PartyAnd that’s just what we did Thursday night as Rock Bottom hosted a PCBW Kickoff Party on the patio of their brewery and restaurant in The Waterfront. Both inside and out, craft beer enthusiasts were alive with the buzz of collaboration beers, samples from several renowned Pittsburgh breweries, and samples of the Carson Street Deli and Rock Bottom collaboration sandwich dubbed Prehistoric Goat. The Rock and The Deli also joined forces to brew a spot-on black IPA to pair with their sandwich, known to the world as 5 Point Black IPA.

Just as importantly, the overall feeling among everyone in the crowd was happiness and excitement. Beer Week has arrived…time to switch things into beer mode!

This event served as the perfect way to tune up for what’s sure to be a jam-packed 10 days. Rock Bottom continues to stake its claim towards becoming one of the top local hot spots for good beer and good times. Hats off to Meg Evans and her entire crew and all the volunteers who made PCBW’s kickoff party a tremendous success.

If you missed out on last night’s festivities, fear not. Several events and destinations throughout the duration of PCBW will feature these one-time-only collaboration beers.

Suit up…Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week is officially tapped!


Did you get a chance to attend the kickoff party? Let us know what you thought in the Comments below!







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