[PCBW Short Pour] A Souped Up Beer Week

For the next nine days, the Breaking Brews Short Pours, your near-daily quick shot of libations news and fun in 250 words or less, will be a quick review of where my Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week travels landed me the day before. Pittsburgh is in full-blown Beer Mode and it’s hard to get everywhere…as hard as we may try. That said, I encourage you to share your experiences in the comments section below. Let everyone know how your event(s) unfolded and what beers you enjoyed. Looking forward to hearing how you enjoyed your version of PCBW.

Yards, PCBN, and The Modern Cafe Host Soup’s On Event

Beer and Soup Flight 2Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week is all about breaking out the big guns and showcasing fun, unique events. In that spirit, yours truly, Alan from Yards Brewing, and Constance from The Modern Cafe joined forces to put on PCBW’s first ever beer & soup pairing, affectionately known as Soup’s On, to kick off 10 days of beer fun here in Pittsburgh. Our goal was to pair kick ass beers with kick ass soups and serve them via flights with samples of both beer and soup (seen right) or a full bowl with a pint.

Thanks to the power of Twitter, Alan and I both discovered a mutual affection for soup a couple months back. It only made complete sense to embellish this fandom by pairing it with our favorite adult beverage. And, since The Modern Cafe’s menu features some of the most ridiculously awesome soups (and sandwiches, too) in Pittsburgh, PLUS kick ass beer (an essential part of the menu, as mentioned before), our union was inevitable.

75 degree weather be damned, droves of soup lovers flocked to The Modern to discover what we had in store. Our features included Chicken Pot Pie Soup paired with Yards Thomas Jefferson Tavern Ale, Cheese Tortilla Soup paired with Yards IPA, Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup paired with Yards Saison (my personal favorite of the pairings…they worked perfectly together), and classic Italian Wedding Soup paired with Yards Brawler English Mild Ale.

We had a packed house for the event and I’d like to thank everyone who joined us for a tremendous launch to PCBW 2016. Due to the success of this event, we’ve already started talking about our next event in the near future: Beer, Soup, and Sandwich flights!

Bring your appetites, kids.

Beer and Soup Flight 1Soups On Crowd 1Soups On Crowd 2Alan, Constance, and JasonSoup Selfie


How did you spend Day 1 of Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week? Share your experiences in the Comments section below!








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