#PCBW Mashup: Days 5 & 6 – App Download Event Take Two, They Were Only Freshmen

PCBW Mashup, known last year as “My PCBW,” is a recap of the places my Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week travels took me. Enjoy!

I just saw a Facebook post from Meg Evans, brewer at Rock Bottom in The Waterfront, that said “#pcbw No sleep til Sunday!” Truer words have not been spoken. There’s just too much fun stuff going on to sleep it all away! OK…a little catnap isn’t a terrible idea…

It’s been a fun, productive, and memorable journey through Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week thus far. As always, I’ve met some incredible people, shared some awesome beers, and done my best to take advantage of everything PCBW has to offer this year. I hope you’ve done the same.

Here’s a brief recap of Days 5 & 6.

Day 5: Alesmith Tap Takeover and PCBN Mobile Download Event at Caliente Pizza & Draft House

Caliente is one of my favorite spots in town. Owners Nick and Angie Bogacz, as well as their entire staff, work their asses off not only during Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week, but the other 355 days of the year as well to ensure your experience is always top-notch. On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of speaking with just about everyone in the house for the evening about PCBN Mobile and I thank all of you for downloading it and scoring a Caliente Beer Geek t-shirt in the process!

If you haven’t checked out Caliente yet, you need to do so immediately. For the rest of Craft Beer Week, they’ve got awesome, unique events taking place. Myself and Jason Collins will be at the Bloomfield location Sunday night for the Dogfish Head Tap Takeover to record our final PCBW edition of Over a Couple of Beers with Nick and perhaps a couple other special guests, as well as promote PCBN Mobile one more time. And after Beer Week concludes, you’ll want to come back to Caliente again and again for incredible pizza and a craft beer lineup that NEVER gets old.

Yours truly slangin' t-shirts for everyone who downloaded PCBN Mobile at the Alesmith Tap Takeover at Caliente Tuesday.

Day 6: The Freshman Cask at Brew Gentlemen

Freshmen always seem to get a bad rap. Getting stuffed into lockers, getting swirlies, basically never taken seriously. But the group of freshmen brewers that collaborated last night for this event who are also about to celebrate their first year anniversaries are just too damn good to not be taken seriously.

If you can believe it, when we celebrated Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week in 2014, Hitchhiker Brewing, Grist House Brewing, The Brew Gentlemen, and Apis Mead weren’t officially open yet. Today, just shy of a year later, all four stand tall amongst the best breweries in Pittsburgh. This accomplishment was solidified by the line of craft beer and mead fanatics that stretched out the door waiting to be served.

The Freshman Cask event was the perfect way to collectively round out their rookie campaigns. All four of these establishments contributed two casks each, all filled with something extra special for the evening. I had four of the offerings and the Trial by Fire Saison brewed with ginger and lime from Hitchhiker was my favorite. The Pineapple Mead tipped the scales at 14% ABV and was also spot-on. I also partook in Grist House’s Fire on the Hill IPA containing Citra hops and Brew Gentlemen’s Business Casual brewed with coffee. Happy to report there wasn’t a misfire in the whole lineup.

These four establishments proved they’re just getting started and there’s a world of possibilities left in the tank. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next! I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate all four of these establishments on their success over the past year, and cheers to many, many more!

I’ll use this post to announce that May’s Craft Beer Spotlight on Breaking Brews will be the first of its kind as I will feature all four of these great places and talk about their first years in existence and what they have in store for their birthday bashes. It will also be shared on this blog as well. There’s rumor of a podcast with the whole crew too…stay tuned…

The line stretched out the door as craft beer enthusiasts lined up for a taste of the special offerings brought to us by Hitchhiker, Brew Gentlemen, Apis, and Grist House. It was worth the wait.

Business Casual and Pineapple Mead. This was the second leg of my plight to have one offering from each brewery.
For those out and about during Day 7, come visit me at Bocktown Monaca for a special Find Your Style blind taste test. We line up five beer styles, you try to guess what the style is. If you get three right, you get to spin the Bocktown prize wheel! We are also giving away a FREE gift card for an order of Flat Belly Fries to anyone who downloads PCBN Mobile and presents the special ONE NIGHT EXCLUSIVE coupon!






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