#PCBW Mashup: Days 3 and 4 – Collaboration Beers and Shuffleboard!

PCBW Mashup, known last year as “My PCBW,” is a recap of the places my Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week travels took me. Enjoy!

After an eventful Friday and Saturday to kick off Craft Beer Week, one would think things would taper off a bit as the calendar struck Sunday. But to hell with that, it’s PCBW, and there’s no rest for the weary!

If you picked up the Official Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week printed guide at locations all across Pittsburgh, you may have come across an article I contributed that talks about the camaraderie our craft beer community shares. It always makes me smile when I think about all the great people who come together to make these 10 days so awesome. And Sunday was a great example of this, at least in my little corner of the beer world.

Day 3: Over a Couple of Beers w/ Chris Dilla at Bocktown Beer & Grill

Since I tapped into the beer world with Breaking Brews in 2014, and even before then as a matter of fact, Chris Dilla has always been an entrepreneur I’ve looked up to and considered a friend and mentor. Never once has she sugar-coated anything I’ve presented her…and it’s led me to think more creatively and, on many occasions, WAY outside the box. Chris, I’d like to thank you for always taking the time out of your hectic schedule to help a guy out!

For those of you who don’t know, Chris is the Owner and Founder of Bocktown Beer & Grill with two locations in Robinson and Monaca. Chris set out on a mission to bring good beer and good food together under one roof and she absolutely accomplished it. She is one of the early pioneers of Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week and played a major role in helping get these 10 days of craft beer celebration off the ground. To this day, she still is involved with PCBW’s continued success as both Bocktowns play host to some great events all through the week.

It was Jason Collins and I’s pleasure to sit down with Chris and record our 11th episode of the Over a Couple of Beers Podcast. In this special episode, we mixed some good conversation about the beer industry, both local and national, with all nine of the Craft Beer Week collaboration beers put together by groups of breweries and one featuring East End Brewing and Caliente. We gave our takes on each beer and I discovered there were some ingredients in a couple of these brews I had trouble pronouncing. I’d explain, but you’ll have to listen to the show to hear.

This episode, called “Over a Couple of Collaboration Beers” will be available Wednesday morning. Special thanks to Nick Bogacz of Caliente Pizza & Draft House for hooking us up with a couple collabs we couldn’t get our hands on for the show!

At the conclusion of the podcast, we had A LOT of beer leftover in the lineup of growlers shown below. Thankfully, some beer friends were in the house and the back room of Bocktown Robinson quickly became host to an impromptu collaboration beer sampling. It was a true collection of beer camaraderie as we enjoyed the works of all our local brewers while sharing in memorable conversation.

You didn’t think I was going to pay off that camaraderie thing, did you? 🙂

Chris Dilla, owner of Bocktown Beer & Grill, taking a few minutes to pose with all this awesome beer before we dove in and drank it for the next edition of Over a Couple of Beers.

Yours truly walking some folks through the collaboration beers during our impromptu sampling at Bocktown Robinson.

Day 4: PCBN Mobile Download Event and Brewery Rep Olympics at Hough’s

Since launching PCBN Mobile in March, the reception has been great! I’ve been making additions, revisions, and changes to provide each of you with an overall better user experience and will continue to do that going forward. I’d like to thank each of you for downloading it and using it as a resource for craft beer news, happenings, features, and fun! And if you haven’t downloaded it yet, simply visit the App Store or Google Play on your smartphone or tablet and get it for free!

Last night at Hough’s was the first official PCBN Mobile Download event. We put together a special one-night-only offer to all those in attendance who downloaded PCBN Mobile. That special was $3 Brooklyn Brewing Summer Ale Pounders. We even threw in some Brooklyn glassware. And boy, were the pounder cans flying out of the cooler! I’d like to personally thank everyone who came out, downloaded the app, had some good beer, and walked away with some swag. I will be holding more events just like this one, so stay close to the Events & Happenings calendar for future Download promotions!

Glassware and PCBN info flowed through Hough's Monday night and folks got acclimated to their newest resource to craft beer news and events in Pittsburgh!

As the Download event came to a close, the fun continued to roll on at Hough’s with the second leg of the Brewery Rep Olympics. The night prior saw reps from east coast and west coast breweries playing oversized Jenga. Tonight, everyone broke out their shuffleboard muscles!

The games were an absolute blast. All the reps and those in attendance had fun trying to keep the puck on the surface of what could only be described as a tropical beach on top of a bowling alley. Personally, I learned that a game I used to excel at in college has left me due to lack of practice. I’m looking forward to total redemption in the very near future.

Brewery Reps from Great Lakes, Finch's, Fat Heads, Dogfish Head, Lagunitas, and other breweries were on hand to lay the shuffleboard smack down!

More shuffleboard!

If you’re out and about on Day 5 of PCBW, I’ll be at Caliente doing another download promotion starting at 8:00pm. If you download PCBN Mobile, you’ll receive a free Caliente Beer Geek t-shirt! On Day 6, I’ll be kicking back with the guys from Brew Gentlemen, Grist House, Apis, and Hitchhiker at the Freshman Cask event starting at 6pm at The Brew Gentlemen Taproom in Braddock.





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